Show 631: Questions of Travel by Jo Burzynska (Eastside)

Questions of Travel is a sonic travelogue inspired by two poems that chart different but interlinked journeys, created largely from recordings made on my own travels around the world. The first part, created specifically for this programme, draws on and uses fragments of the Elizabeth Bishop poem, Questions of Travel. The second, was the sound element of an audio-olfactory installation at the Institute for Art and Olfaction (2016, Los Angeles) and takes a sensuous journey through external to internal worlds using Charles Baudelaire’s La Chevelure as its guide.

Additional Creative Commons recordings used courtesy of Taira Komori, Andy Gardner, Glen Faramach and Panta Rei.

Jo Burzynska – who also works under the name Stanier Black-Five – is an Australasia-based sound artist and writer. Her audio work largely comprises soundscapes created by the manipulation of her own minimally processed environmental recordings. In a career that spans twenty years, she has recorded, exhibited and performed her works internationally. In recent years this has seen her make a number of sound releases, such as her CD album Avast! on Belgium’s Entr’acte label and Alone with the Black Spirits vinyl release on the UK’s Rail Cables; exhibit sound installations at Australasian galleries to Rome’s MAXXI; and perform shows and festivals around the world. In recent years her work has increasingly been created at the intersection of the senses; always using sound, but often combined with taste and olfactory elements. Also a writer and editor, she has contributed to specialist publications such as The Wire, and co-edits Australasia’s only sonic arts print publication, Writing Around Sound. She currently lives in Sydney, where she is researching sound and the multisensory for a PhD at the University of New South Wales.

More information about Jo and her work can be found at

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Show 630: cancelled

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Show 629: cancelled

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Show 628: It’s in my Nature by Brane Zorman (Radio Študent)

From the artists statement and description:
As certain spaces and times have become oversaturated due to urbanisation and the population explosion, certain (animal) species have began withdrawing to unpopulated landscapes and unoccupied times – into the night. We understand these withdrawals as a search for solutions that could lead to a ‘better quality of life’, an existence that would be better than the one offered to us by the oversaturated space-time.

Zorman created a 55min long wolf howling composition using from various sources and recordings techniques that was commissioned and premiered during radioCona:wolFMoon project in january 2017 (
This shorter edited version dives a listener to a cold winter night when wolfs howl to mark and protect their territory in and symphony of one of the most suggestive and powerful sound of nature which can be heard on remote parts of wolfs packs landscape.

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Show 627: Shortwaves (WaveFarm / WGXC)

Includes an interview with Amanda Dawn Christie about her experimental documentary film about Canada’s RCI shortwave radio towers, plus excerpts from William Basinski’s “Shortwavemusic,” and this year’s “Shortwave Shindig.”

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Dreams. Mysterious, bewildering, eye-opening and sometimes a nightmarish living hell: dreams are all that and much more.
As you may know that dream and sleep is not the same thing so dreams and sleep facts are mentioned separately in this program. By close listening, you will skip dreams facts and will navigate directly to cool facts about sleep.

Dreams are an art form in which each of us acts as the sole scriptwriter, director, and producer. Dreams usually reflect current concerns. They integrate past data with recent experience and express the information metaphorically in the form of visual images.
“A dream that is not explained is like a letter that has not been read.” (author unknown)
Dreams can be interpreted on an ‘objective’ or ‘subjective’ level:
Objective—elements in the dream are related to external events and the person.
Subjective—elements in the dream are all strictly seen as part of the dreamer.
Dream symbols are specific to each person, although shared cultural contexts clearly play a role. Symbols arise out of the specific life history of each individual, and it is only within this context that their meaning can be interpreted.
Meaning is determined by the individual’s own biographical events, life experiences, and past relationships.
Let’s close your eyes, listen and… dream.

A TEA FM Creative Radio Workshop Broadcast for RADIA.

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Show 625: Exquisite Corpse (a Radio Revolten Reprise), part 2 (Radio Panik)

On 9th October 2016 members of the seminal international radio art network Radia came together in person for the first time in several years. They decided to record a three hour exquisite corpse session ( based on the topic “longwave” as part of their contribution to the Radio Revolten Festival in Halle/Saale.

This Edit will present the second 28 Minutes of this Session, you are able to listen to the full version here:

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Show 624: FLIMSY TOMB by POREST (radio Worm/Klangendum)

01. The Porest Trap (7:00)
02. The Requirements of the Revolution in the New Context – Hanoi Radio Segment #1 (1:28)
03. Kong the Chap (0:19)
04. Triumph of the Nataree (0:50)
05. Larry Burridge (0:43)
06. Transformation is Futile (0:40)
07. Bintanom (0:45)
08. The Next Flight (1:27)
09. No Recourse (2:28)
10. Identity Event 1.1 (0:26)
11. FBI of Tarsus (1:19)
12. Hanoi Radio Segment #2 (0:58)
13. Nullified (0:50)
14. Memorii (1:32)
15. Head Down (0:38)
16. Esau (2:35)
17. Critic’s Coroner (1:32)
18. Sharwaf (2:19)

Recorded by Mark Gergis at all times, everywhere, including Hanoi, Vietnam until March, 2017
Erik Gergis • Electronics, percussion & voice –  No Recourse  • Keys –  Identity Event 1.1
Peter Conheim • Introduction –  Larry Burridge

Thank you: Lukas Simonis, Vicki Bennett, Hicham Chadly and Ayesha Keshani
©&P Porestsound – 2017

When you’re allowed to walk away from captivity, there’s a fairly good chance you’ll return on your own accord.  A mini-album created from Porest’s Hanoi, Vietnam base for Dr Klangendum. Framed by a claustrophobic radio drama, and featuring a wide range of sound and music from the Porest archives as well as material recorded exclusively for this program. Big and small songs, tape collage, on-location radio recordings, horror and humor – tightly sunk into a 28-minute tomb. 

Across decades, Porest (aka Mark Gergis) has issued a trail of confounding agitprop sound art, post-globalized hate-pop, diabolical radio dramas and carefully rearranged realities. Porest’s blatant embezzlement of human syntax and cultural misunderstanding broadcasts vital mixed messages. Collaborations have included: Aavikko (Finland) Alan Bishop/Sun City Girls (USA), and Negativland (USA) among others. Gergis was a co-founder of the long-running experimental Bay Area music and performance collective Mono Pause – as well as its offshoot Neung Phak, performing inspired renditions of southeast Asian musics. Since 2003, with the Sublime Frequencies label, and more recently, with his own record label – Sham Palace, Gergis has shared decades of research and scores of archived international music, film footage and sound recordings acquired during extensive travels in the Middle East, South East Asia and elsewhere.

Porest’s latest full-length – Modern Journal of Popular Savagery was issued on Cairo’s Nashazphone label on LP and cassette in 2016.

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Show 623: Exquisite Corpse (a Radio Revolten Reprise) (Orange 94.0)

On 9th October 2016 members of the seminal international radio art network Radia came together in person for the first time in serveral years. They decided to record a three hour exquisite corpse session ( based on the topic “longwave” as part of their contribution to the Radio Revolten Festival in Halle/Saale.

This Edit will present the first 28 Minutes of this Session, you are able to listen to the full version here:

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Show 622: Jubeltöne & Radio Unbroken by Helen Hahmann (Radio Corax)

The Radio Corax Radia programme presents two radio pieces:

Jubeltöne celebrates the joy to listen deeply to the individual stories of musical instruments: their exultation, their memories and their profound protest. A piece for two zithers played by Helen Hahmann.

Radio Unbroken is a songspiel for Radio Revolten made by Helen Hahmann and Gregory Whitehead. The songspiel uses fragments from the manifestos collected at Radio Revolten, a month-long radio arts festival, which took place in Halle, Germany in October 2016. 

Radio Unbroken is composed from three “songs”:
I     Lover in Revolt
II    The Future of Radio is Dirty
III   Radio Unbroken

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