Show 755: A night in Letea by Toni Dimitrov (for Kanal 103)

At the end of Jun of 2019, a group of sound artists went on a 2 weeks trip to the distant village of Letea, at the Danube delta in Romania. The purpose was to records field recordings and soundscapes of this remote place and experiment with them. After a flight, a long trip with bus and a trip with a boat, we put our stuff at a back of a truck and head towards Letea on a sandy and bumpy road. There was nothing much in this place except vast wetlands, frogs, lots of mosquitos and of course sounds. Lots of sounds. Exactly what we needed for our purpose there. The days were very hot and humid, but also quiet, and not much interesting sound wise. Opposite to this, the nights were full of mosquitos, but also noise that was appearing immediately after the sunset. The complete darkness full of stars was perfect for recordings these soundscapes. The forest, the wild horses, frogs, mosquitos, the boat trips, the Lipovean babushkas and the rich quietness of the Danube Delta were the true leitmotif of our stay there.

At one point at the end of our stay we also did 24 hours open channel at LOCUS SONUS, preceded by a live radio show, presenting stories and glamorous raw recordings in a broadcast from our beautiful traditional wood house. We opened the microphones installed on the straw roof, on the South border of the village, by a small and charming channel of the Danube, full of wildlife positively expressive at that time of the night and day, for the listeners to dive into. This is a small part of what we were listening to those days at Letea.

Recorded and produced by Toni Dimitrov during Sonic Future Residencies in Danube Delta, 2019, organised by

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Show 754: Arquivodu by Nuno Pinto and the Hypnotists (Radio Zero)

“The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid” once said  G. K. Chesterton. Language can be described often both as “flower of the mouth” or a deadly virus, evil and menacing. As it stutters through an array of physical and material manifestations, sooner or later, it will sweetly or not progressively enact a strong invisble poison which lays and sediments not only on meaning as on secretions: saliva spit burp, they leave a trace on the air, they come through it. James 3.10: “From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.” If you run across an archive of a recorded voice, and indulge in remaining there for a while, you come to believe the traces, the dejects, the excreta, are not actually a bag of meaningful prayers but a sort of deranged anisotropic which possess you in the end.
As Michaux put it clearly: “One of the things you can do: exorcism.” 

Nuno Pinto é performer , actor, músico patafisico e afins. O seu trabalho é uma reflexão sobre a voz e a linguagem. Esbatem se as fronteiras entre linguagem enquanto expressão de presença e linguagem enquanto material de fala prefabricado. A voz é tratada segundo padrões formais musicais ou arquitectónicos – repetição, distorção, sobreposição, ruído, grito – para uma música de várias línguas, transformando o acto da fala em acontecimento, em situação, em corpo falante. “

The Hypnotists, formerly known as the “Tropical Eskimos”, “Burning Theremins” or even DJ Banzé for afro matinees south of Atlas, developed a passion for conceiving and transmitting radio shows on extreme landscapes. As a collective, which never actually met, they engaged on nomad farming but taking each weekend to devise short wave antennas for the needy, plant old radios on backyards and nearby woods. They also work as ghost-writers for motivational and self help books of several sound artists.

show 754 was demixed and produced by Paulo Raposo. plus castagnets.

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Show 753: Space Audacity by Soundart Radio

As radio programmes can time travel, this show comes from Radiocamp, Bodensee, in the year 3019.
The inclusive, intergalactic nature of the camp is expressed through the many languages, human and otherwise, that tell this story.

Created by Haya Al Sawaf, Henning Luetje, Lara Possler, Lars Schmitz, Lerato Phiri, Loic Rodrigues, Luca Piparo, Luuk, Max, Reyhan Mutlu, Silke Bauer, Susanne Bayer at Radiocamp. Produced by Lucinda Guy at Soundart Radio.

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Show 752: MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS by BNA-BBOT for Radio Campus Bruxelles

In the spring of 2018, the temporary lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters opened in Brussels. This opening brought together a community in deficit. In deficit of place, of celebration and of collective rituals. In the wake of this event whose near disappearance made its presence all more precious, Severine Irène V. Janssen X BNA-BBOT recorded testimonies, conversations and sounds. These recordings took place in the bar and outside the bar and resulted in this radiophonic piece.

BNA-BBOT isa Brussels-based organisation dedicated to the past, present and future sound memory of Brussels. Since 2000, BNA-BBOT generates a history and memory of the city through the stories and memories of its inhabitants. We’ve compiled closed to 20.000 items of sound data – witness accounts, snippets of conversations, monologues, songs, soundscapes and raw sounds – that form the history of the city. A kind of documentative experience over a very long course, which is not only intended to capture the voices and sounds that pass, but to also create multiple forms that can be heard and returned to the city. All this, in order to have the city actively rework its living memory, and the memory – both present and future – constantly reworked by the city.

Séverine Irène V. Janssen lives and works in Brussels. She studied philosophy but her passion for the way in which history is conceived, written, commented and transmitted, as well as her interest in memory as a political and aesthetic subject led her to take on coordination for BNA-BBOT in 2009.

Credits music :

Make Your Dreams TelevisionPlanète Concrète

Küss Mich Wund – Planète Concrète

Tropical vibration – Planète Concrète

What I WouldMC Mustaj


Production : BNA-BBOT, 2019

(Curated by Carine Demange & Radio Campus Bruxelles for Radia network)

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Show 751: Frog in Wild (Radio Grenouille – Euphonia)

De quel surface sommes-nous ?

Vers quel paysage nous projeter ?

Quels mots pour décrire l’extérieur ?

Des questions qui nous traversent. Une réflexion en chemin qui s’écoute ici. Par des instants captés au cours de différents projets portés par Radio Grenouille – Euphonia : Ateliers radiophoniques, enquête ethnographique, émissions, essais et  expérimentations.

La voix dans le paysage, les plantes qui poussent à nos pieds, les profondeurs sous-marines et l’avion qui passe…

** Situation des extraits :

La Martre : captations pour le Parc Régional du Verdon / Radio Blini – Workshop à l’Ecole d’Art et de Design Marseille-Méditerranée / La nature en ville : émission des étudiants en Master Environnement, Aix Marseille Université / Herbier sonore de la Friche Belle de Mai : Par ailleurs paysage / Ateliers radiophoniques : Swag FM – Fos sur Mer / Accorderie de Brignoles / Lo Paisan : les élèves de l’école de Correns / Test d’immersion dans la fontaine de Barjols pour une promenade sonore de Christophe Modica

Réalisation : Jean-Baptiste Imbert


Frog in Wild

What surface are we from ?
What kind of landscape are we looking at ?
What words to describe the exterior ?

Questions that run through us.
A reflection on the road that can be heard here.
By moments captured during various projects carried out by
Radio Grenouille – Euphonia :
Radio workshops, ethnographic surveys, broadcasts, tests and experiments.

The voice in the landscape, the plants growing at our feet, the underwater depths and the passing plane…

** Status of extracts:

  • La Martre : captations pour le Parc Régional du Verdon
  • Radio Blini – Workshop à l’Ecole d’Art et de Design Marseille-Méditerranée
  • La nature en ville : émission des étudiants en Master Environnement, Aix Marseille Université
  • Herbier sonore de la Friche Belle de Mai : Par ailleurs paysage
  • Ateliers radiophoniques : Swag FM – Fos sur Mer
    Accorderie de Brignoles
  • Lo Paisan : les élèves de l’école de Correns
  • Test d’immersion dans la fontaine de Barjols pour une promenade sonore de Christophe Modica

Réalisation : Jean-Baptiste Imbert

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Show 750: enttäuschungen (disappointments) (Guest Slot: Radiofabrik)

by Peter Haas for Radiofabrik

Well – expectations of radio (seeing something?) and expectations of the arts (something beautiful?) and disappointments, respectively: such tight packages of overlays (the findings and the collected flotsam) so that it’s not that easy anymore….

But always those voices and these sounds and then something’s saying something….

From times when it was hard for an amateur to tinker with good mixtapes, an addiction salvaged into times where they’re easy to make, but hard to curb….

Peter Haas is an amateur in many fields

Fallen into this transmission where the voices of Ivor Cutler, Sabine Gizelt, Birgit Sattlecker, Richard Tuttle, forced entertainment, Johan Simons, Robert Gernhardt, Erik Hable, Meese, Hillary Clinton, my own, and so on.

Music by Ivor Cutler, Clemens Band Denk, Karine Polwart, 8orror, FSK, Robert Wyatt, The International Nothing, and so on.

With support by Peter Wetzelsberger, A, Didi Neidhart, Hans Pollhammer.

Missing (but maybe next time): Thomas Hirschorn, Gerhard Spring, Endo Anaconda, Ed and you.

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Show 749: Magic Sound Box (CKUT)

sound boxers brought beautiful sonic creations to the ears of many listeners. Sound artists:  Alanna McNevin, Alejandro Saravia, Antonella l.c. Giordano, Britt Wray, Courtney Kirkby, Dominique Ferraton, Elena Stoodley, Eugenie Brin, Jasmine Wilson, Jason Levine, Karen Robins, Marc Messier-Peet, Moe Clark, Miss Lamb, Neil Griffith, Nicolas Vigneau, Rae Dooley

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Show 748: A matter of water? (Radio ARA)

“A matter of water?” was born from the idea of ​​narrating the marine environment, in all its forms and changes on the occasion of the Nuit de la Culture, in Esch sur Alzette – Luxembourg. But can you imagine? Bringing the sea to Luxembourg? The country where the ocean just doesn’t exist except in the memories of those who live here.

I almost immediately realized that most of the images of the marine environment that I own in my mind, just stop at the surface, I never wondered if what is below is really as shown in museums, encyclopedias or scientific magazines that I was reading when I was a teenager. In fact, I had the same doubt that many of us have when we hear about global
: “What exactly is going on? Why should we worry? And why should I feel guilty?”

With this feature I tried to give myself some answers, making a small journey through two of the hottest issues related to global warming and the oceans: the climate migrants and the destruction of marine fauna. I gathered some information from those who know more than me about it: media, literature, music and of course… the oceans.

Produced by Luca Piparo
Contributors: Sandra Laborier, Lars Schmitz, Ben Dratwicki, Stefanie Plank
Poem: Sea is History by Derek Walcott

Recorded in the studios of Radio ARA.
Sounds extracts used under CC regulation: Radio
, The Guardian, La Repubblica, Discovery
of Sounds in The Oceans

University of Rhode Island, Listening
to the Deep Ocean Environment

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya.

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Show 747: Secondo John Cage (Usmaradio)

USMARADIO & The School of Radio present
Secondo John Cage | workshop & live performance

Theory – field recording – manipulation – live electronics – conduction – broadcasting

USMARADIO is a workplace of The School of Radio to develop an innovative radio pedagogy. Workshops, work sessions, meetings, presentations of live performance as sections of the project.

During the White Night (Notte bianca) of the University of the Republic of San Marino, Alessandro Caccuri and Giulio Urbini – students of Unirsm Design – organized and directed the workshop event “Secondo John Cage (According to John Cage)”. This project is produced by USMARADIO and The School of Radio: based on the theory, field recording, live electronics and conduction. On the day of event, a group of participants (Unirsm students) recorded and post-produced sounds collected by exploring San Marino. The sounds became materials for this performance broadcasted live on USMARADIO’s stream, and the students have been faced – for the most of them was the first time in life – with microphones, sound machines, modular synths, controllers and radios. Even just taking a look to the images the fun and large involvement are showed: the project was such a special and exciting experience for everyone. Based on the success of event, many other workshop around sound and experimentation in the future are already planned. 

The participants: Lorenzo De Fazio, Valentina Toccaceli, Federico Giulioni, Sirya Cardone, Miriana Cerenzia, Alessia Principi, Daniele Trebbi, Damiano Gennari, Roberto Alesi, Marco Maria Lucidi, Gianluca Torcolacci, Grazia Pestillo, Nicola Colomboni, Elena Porreca.

Technical director: Alessandro Renzi

Photography: Nicole Marchi & Alberto Guerra

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Show 746: #poemontrial_next phase (radioart106)

Image by Dareen Tatour

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was convicted by an Israeli court in Nazareth of “incitement to violence” for a poem she wrote. She spent a total of THREE years under house arrest and in prison, between October 2015 and September 2018. On December 25th, 2018 she stood before the court once again, appealing against her verdict. 

Dareen’s appeal was partially successful, in having one of the multiple convictions quashed by the same Nazareth District Court which originally convicted her.  On July 1st 2019, The Israeli State has appealed against the verdict of Dareen’s appeal.

Voices and Sounds part of the solidarity album #poemontrial by Dareen Tatour / Isabel Nogueira / Anne-Line Drocourt / Monika Pich / Isa Stragliati / Ismael Gherzoul / Dror Feiler / Dalila Tehami / Selma Zghidi / Tavishi / FeralMind feat. Claudia Wegener / Dixie Treichel / Osea Merdis feat. Samira Deeb / Danielle Alma Ravitzki / AGF / Meira Asher feat. Young Thunder.

Produced by Meira Asher.

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