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Show 059: from Radio Cult

Hello… this is Not That Kyd from Radio Cult and you are listening to Radia Emission number 59. Renee Sills sometimes performs under the moniker Miss Matches. She took on the courageous task of creating one full radia lenght piece and it turned out greater than the great Canadian Mountains. The piece goes up and down with ever changing landscape like the jagged mountains do too. For any of you who have never been to Montreal, well this show also look at lot like there.
The samples in Renees mix come from a billion local and not so local artists… Charles Stankievitch, Frieda Abtan, Lateef, Serviceworks, Josh Ivy, some children and way more. Renee’s mashup style is always present both in her audio and video works. She is interested in exploring the possibilities available for sharing within a radio network and this is apparent sonically throught this piece. Again this is Renee Sills. She’s from Colorado, she lives in Montreal, she owns an accordeon and she want to visit Bulgaria.

Show 049: The Mimo Hideout by Emilian Gatsov

Emilian Gatsov is known for his music for theatre performances.
The specific characte of each work allows a wide range of styles and techniques, varying from short pieces to elongated soundscapes and from acoustic to totally artificial electronic palette.

“The Mimo hideout” uses a common approach of slightly processed sound documents combined in a manner that overcomes the actual fact and creates a reality both realistic and artificial.

Show 041: Ressonoria – The Airport – Republic of the sound by tkrst

length: 30 min
language: Bulgaria
Radia jingle: no


Ressonoria – The Airport – Republic of the sound.
A mockumentary by tkrst
About tkrst:

Graduated in Theatre critics.
No music education.
Seriously involved in music for 15 years through different bands and frequently ceased projects.
Working as tkrst – solo – since 2000.
I investigate the social and political connections that music is burdened to maintain.
Mediocre anarchist soul.

Recent projects include:


About Resonoria


Anti-utopic static story about a country-airport,
The whole political moral is manifested in forcing absurd sound limits, frequency sell, prison for violators.
Anti-utopia aimed at the airport of all sound experimentalists, full of bites- like the name of the airport is called ” frequenz shumen” (shumen is “noisy” in bulgarian). of course the end the naivety smashes the airport and ends the game.

Show 031: by Not That Kyd

An attempt at radio art, this program purposes to make you shake in your seat. You might get angry you might want to hug someone, you might want to cover your ears or you might just sit back and listen.
Our host, Kyd, thought its partly inappropriate that a foreigner be making a Bulgarian show so she invited a special Bulgarian guest. Donku is a private music teacher who trained at the Bulgarian National Academy for Music. He shared with us his thoughts about the sounds he was listening.
So join us and enjoy your waffles, glitches, creeping ivy and have the funniest 56 minutes ever.

Show 022: from Radio Cult

First part of Radia 22 consists of a sliced and diced recordings
of experimental gatherings of Bulgarian artist working in the field of
ambient, minimal, micro-sound, noise and experiments. It is a edited and mixed 2 captures of the jam sessions that happened during the second edition of The Ambient Festival in Sofia, 2005.

Performed in a live session as part of Ambian Festival, Sofia 2005 by:

Dimitar Pascalev – Bluba Lu
Emilian Gatzov – Elbi
Todor Stoyanov and Stefan Hristov – Ambient Anarchist
Ivo Petrov – Skylined

Performed in a live session as part of Ambian Festival, Sofia 2005 by:

Tzvetomir Krumov – Backpullver
Konstantin Katzarski – Bluba Lu
Alexander Daniel – Ambient Anarchist
Strahil Velchev and Konstantin Petrov – MicroWhat

The second part is a capture of the Hans Tammen’s Third Eye Orchestra.
A concept, in which Tammen as a conductor is inspired by Miles Davis’
subtle style of conducting.
Hans Tammen works with a wide collection of mechanical devices on his
“endangered” guitars, and uses an interactive software of his own design to rework his sounds in realtime. Projects include site-specific
performances and collaborative efforts with dance, light or video. He
works as a production manager at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York, responsible for managing the audio, audio postproduction and video studios, the education program and for overseeing all projects related to Max/MSP/Jitter or Physical Computing.

These recordings were taken during the Out of Context performances of the Third Eye Orchestra at St. Anastasia island and Sofia in August.
The concept was broadened by utilizing the laptop as the only instrument used in the orchestra.

Part of the Third Eye Orchestra were:

Hans Tammen – USA
Carol Parkinson – USA
Mloski and RES – Bulgaria
KEi – Bulgaria
Acid Fake – Macedonia
Yoko and Dusty – Bulgaria
KiNK – Bulgaria

Show 002: ADIO by Ivan Bachev

Radio Cult Presents

Ivan Bachev: ADIO


In this show i present two of the musical approaches i use in my works.
The first part deals with sound feedback and the ideas of sound behavior in an acoustical environment. I’ve developed a plain ‘instrument’ that is a combination of a play-telephone and sound feedback. So only with an amplifier two resonant boxes, cord and a pair of microphones i try to explore and show how the sound interfere in an environment. Getting result i find musical without controlling the sound and its properties, instead of setting up environment for it to evolve.


The second approach i show here deals with a bit opposite idea. A macro approach to sound where i use already existing music result (mainly music that has a status of ‘popular’) that i recontextualize with a small sound toy i programmed. I find this as a way to respond and recycle that aural information that is the dominant in the medias around me.


This show is a mixture of, recorded audio presentations i gave for the tools i developed at runme-dorkbot events, and the actual music results i produced.

Have a nice listening.