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Show 176: Voices and Pieces

A mosaic of different sound of human voices, found and recorded. Field recordings from the festival in Velka nad Velickou, east Moravia, made in July 2008 serves as a patch for experiment on the globalisation phenomen. The festival is one of few in Czech republic, where local folk culture plays a key role. We have set up a virtual encounter of traditional Moravian music with different ethnic groups { Siberia, Schotland, Australia, etc], both recorded or found on the interent.

Show 162: Share: open jam

Sounds of places which are connected through the community project ‘Share’. It is a platform for open discussion and a creative meeting place for all who take interest in audiovisual culture overlaps.
Show includes samples from NYC, Melbourne, Budapest and Belgrade share jam session archives.

Show 156: by Roman Stetina and Lasonick

track 1:
Roman Stetina – “Who is done it”
Nights awakened, nights of headache, nights suffered, and nights I was dying. Endless, unheard conversations… whisper that ends at dawn. Blindness the eyes get used to. Shadows of events. Nights delicate, clear, nights flown about. Time does not flow, but runs and leaps. I let the radio on. My sphincter clenched, hot asphalt, bare feet and the ripple of the brook. Gravel between my toes. I am standing in my pajamas in a dried puddle.
track 2:
Lasonick – “I was listening wind of Himalaya in My former life…”

Show 145: RetroSonoGrafia II

Second part of the RetroSonoGrafia series. This time aimed at programs created, organized and supported by LemurieT.A.Z. during the year 2007.

The break of the year always tends to force people into evaluating past. This program is a result of Lemurie looking at the last year recordings and trying to get something new from them.
What you’re about to here in this show is a non-commented mix of most of the programs Lemurie produced, organised and initiated during the last year. Included are excerpts from regular radio jams [AUDIO BloKs], samples from Share events Lemurie co-organized and recordings from workshops [such as pirate-radio workshop we did in Bratislava]..
Thanks to everyone who participated and collaborated in 2007.

Show 133: Share TAZ

Share TAZ is a czech part of project SHARE.DJ and this radio show is paradocument about it and was recorded during share-workshop on ULTRAHANG festival Budapest.

The Share Taz show is a series of sound recordings and sound notes Lemurie team gathered during the Share Workshop in Budapest in March 2007… this show does not intend to be a document nor it tries to be informative – it is only an attempt to grasp the feeling into a short-time piece.

Show 122: It all disappeared… by Milos Vojtechovsky and Stanislav Abraham

A commemoration of the glory of the microphone and sounding wires: radio essay.

sound and concept: Radio lemurie, july 2007, mixing and recording: Milos Vojtechovsky, Stanislav Abraham.

December 1989. In Bucharest President Nicolae Ceausescu was holding on the balcony his last famous speech. All of sudden something unexpected happened down on the square: a sign of turmoil, protest. Ceausescu is confused and starts calling repeatedly: halo!, halo!, halo! tapping with his finger on the microphone to get back the contact with the usually obedient crowd, bewitched and captivated by the magic of the amplified voice of the dictator. Several days later, on 25 of December the national tribunal condemned Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu. They have been shot to death. Their execution as well as the trial was videotaped.

Elena screams to the solders, who led them to the execution place: “Child do not do this to me! Don’t you listen? Stop touching me. Haven’t you heard? What are you doing?” Nicolae tells Elena “Relax. Leave it be.” “Let me go!” screams Elena. Let my hands go!” Nicolae shouts “How do you have the right to do this?” (Dec. 25, 1989).

Electricity and amplified sound of the human voice transformed deeply the social, psychological and political context of the human discourse. Certain traces of totalitarianism are imbedded in almost every bit of broadcasted and transformed voice. The collage combines different samples of voices, speaking via telephone, found on the internet with ambient sounds, recorded in Prague, Wroclaw, Muenster and Kassel.

Show 110: Kirkegaard/Grzinich workshop

Kirkegaard/Grzinich workshop
Recordings and comments on a workshop

A workshop led by Danish sound artist Jakob Kirkegaard and US Estonian sound artist John Grzinich is documenting the feedback of the event and its revocation.

In February 2007 Jakob Kirkegaard and John Grzinich did a sound workshop in Prague. The recording was later edited by John Grzinich and re played by Milos Vojtechovsky to students of the foreign program on Prague Film Academy FAMU. They commented on what they heard.. and what was still in their memmory on the sound walk with Kirkegaard and Grzinich.

Language: English


Show 099: Retro-Sono-Grafia I

First part of a personal de-archiving project.How long ago did you listen to that recording you made in 2000 in mountains. When was the last time you heard that composition you made for theater five years ago? We usually do not look into personal archives of any kind very often but when we do we are often surprised with what we find there.

Retro-Sono-Grafia is an attempt of three sound collectors and creators to sink into their archival CDs, DVDs, hard drives, minidiscs and other media, find forgotten/interesting/weird stuff and try to blend it creatively with what others have found..
The found material varies from compositions and musical tracks to field recordings, found materials or even interviews or sound trash.

The show was edited from a live two-hour improvised sound conversation. There is no spoken word left on the final version except for few words and sentences that function more like an addition to sound atmospheres than commentaries. The result is a mix of more than six years of sound collecting – a sound-time-scape…

Show 088: Sargasso sea – The nest

the documentation of the sound and music program The Nest of Games, located in the Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague 2000. A three weeks exhibition of sound objects, performances, concerts.
The recording collage recall the event visited by 20 000 people, interacting with approximatelly 30 sound installations, creating noise unheard in the decent gallery for contemporary art. The project was conceived by Intermedia artist Petr Nikl. In the collage included fragments from sound performances of Hans van Koolwijk, Bambuso Sonoro, Oldrich Janota, Lubos Fidler, Horologe of Dreamers and a field recording from a gasholder in Kladno. recordings: Michael Delia

Show 077: pluto song

radio Lemurie presents for radia.fm:

Shortcut from periodocal live radio sessions of radio Lemurie T.A.Z.

The first part of this programme (15 minutes) is dedicated to the change of the status of the planet (ex_planet) Pluto. With a tiny intention to be serious we are discussing fictional facts that are surrounding Pluto (planet or not).