Show 099: Retro-Sono-Grafia I

First part of a personal de-archiving project.How long ago did you listen to that recording you made in 2000 in mountains. When was the last time you heard that composition you made for theater five years ago? We usually do not look into personal archives of any kind very often but when we do we are often surprised with what we find there.

Retro-Sono-Grafia is an attempt of three sound collectors and creators to sink into their archival CDs, DVDs, hard drives, minidiscs and other media, find forgotten/interesting/weird stuff and try to blend it creatively with what others have found..
The found material varies from compositions and musical tracks to field recordings, found materials or even interviews or sound trash.

The show was edited from a live two-hour improvised sound conversation. There is no spoken word left on the final version except for few words and sentences that function more like an addition to sound atmospheres than commentaries. The result is a mix of more than six years of sound collecting – a sound-time-scape…

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