Show 800: KIN (Usmaradio)

I wish our activities were more social, and social in an anarchic way.

– John Cage

KIN by Usmaradio and Roberto Paci Dalò is a radiophonic city scale performative project that began the week before the performing arts Santarcangelo Festival (Italy) with a workshop session by The School of Radio, then continued throughout the official program with 120 non-stop hours of radio. Santarcangelo has been occupied with the airing of a programme which included artists present at the festival, the citizens themselves and original materials created by the working group. All this has been diffused throughout public and private spaces with listening points (including an outdoor large P.A.), improvisations, electronics, and collaborative radio performances with artists not physically present at the festival. Texts by Franco Bifo Berardi, Paolo Fabbri, Gabriele Frasca and Donna Haraway.
KIN is for Paolo Fabbri (1939-2020)

KIN team
Francesco Angelini, Teresa Chiauzzi,  Bárbara Ermeti, Sara Guazzarini, Irene Aurora Paci, Roberto Paci Dalo, Paolo Petrangolini, Alessandro Renzi, Margherita Wolenski.

participants / authors
Tobia Bandini, Gloria Barbanti, Claudio Basso, Davide Buglisi, Margherita Kay Budillon, Alessandra Cappelletti, Chiara Cecconello, Alice Citarella, Paolo Dellapiana, Elena Lunghi, Federica Marra, Alessandro Mazzoni, Mariagloria Posani, Roberto Scappin, Francesco Toscani


Franco Bifo Berardi, Andrea Borgnino, Tiziano Bonini, Anna Bromley, Janete El Haouli, Pinotto Fava, Gabriele Frasca, Anna Friz, Ilaria Gadenz, Lorenza Ghinelli, Gianni Gozzoli, Carola Haupt, Wissal Houbabi, Eleftherios Krysalis, Hardi Kurda, Federica Minzitti, Graciela Martínez Matías, Johann Merrich / L’Impero della Luce, Leonardo Montecchi, Iolanda Pensa, Oderso Rubini, Rodolfo Sacchettini, Nathalie Singer, Stefano Spada, Christiane Voss, Jonathan Zenti, Elisabeth Zimmermann

production Usmaradio, Giardini Pensili
in collaboration with Scuola di Radiofonia – The School of Radio, Santarcangelo Festival 2050, ImperfettoArt, Radio Lada, Galerie Mazzoli, Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino, Centro Studi e Ricerche José Bleger, Radio Papesse, Scuola comunale di musica G. Faini – Associazione Banda Città di Santarcangelo, – – Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

radioworks for this radia programme (running order)
1. Respirare camminando – Federica Marra
2. Impero notturno part I – Gloria Barbanti
3. Futuro Fantastico – Alessandro Mazzoni
4. Avvistamenti ep I – Margherita Kay Budillon, Chiara Cecconello and Francesco Toscani
5. Il mondo è un bel posto – Alice Citarella and Davide Buglisi
6. Racconti dall’Apocalisse part VIII – Claudio Basso and Paolo Dellapiana
7. Messa per l’Apocalisse – Tobia Bandini
8. Respirare. Audioguida per post-umani – Alessandra Cappelletti
9. Manifesto per un futuro futuribile post queer – Maria Gloria Posani, Claudio Basso, Margherita Kay Budillon and Elena Lunghi

> Podcast area within radioworks in extended play

Pictures by Chiara Bruschini, Claudia Borgia, Francesco Angelini, Alessandro Renzi

USMARADIO is the Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale per la Radiofonia (Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies), a workplace of The School of Radio to develop an innovative radio pedagogy. Workshops, work sessions, meetings, presentations of live performance as sections of the project. Produced by UNIRSM Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino. / /

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Show 0799: Mix Me Tape #1 by Mazen Kerbaj (radioart106)

Mix Me Tape #1: Trumpet Solo is a piece composed exclusively from previously published trumpet solos. The original material has been cut and rearranged to form a completely new piece of music.

The used trumpet solos appeared on the albums Brt Vrt Zrt Krt (Al Maslakh – 2005), No Cuts / No Overdubs / No Use of Electronics (Discrepant – 2019) and Cuts, Overdubs and Use of Electronics (Discrepant – 2019).

Mazen Kerbaj is a Lebanese comics author, visual artist, and musician born in Beirut in 1975.
He is widely considered as one of the initiators and key players of the Lebanese free improvisation and experimental music scene. He is co-founder of Irtijal, an annual experimental music festival held in Beirut since 2001 (, and of Al Maslakh, the first label for experimental music in the region operating since 2005 ( 
As a trumpet player, whether in solo performances or with long-lasting groups like “A” Trio, Kerbaj pushes the boundaries of the instrument and continues to develop a personal sound and an innovative language.

In 2015, Kerbaj was the recipient of a DAAD one-year artist in residency in Berlin. He lives and works in the German capital since.

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Show 798: City Circles by Subespai (DiffusionFM)

Subespai – “City circles”: sound collage on urban canvas
Scene. A nondescript hum smothers the echoes of a distant playground. The eeriness intensifies as the afternoon loses the daily battle against the evening soundscape. “Where is this?”. The sonic familiarity puts the name of a place on the tip of the tongue right as the movement changes, or does it? The hum left unannounced, that’s a fact; now there’s something else filling the space, something deeper, more spiritual even. Repetition gives way to flow; quietness prevails, for a while at least. Feedback turns into flares as the night falls. “Is this still the West?”. Continental lines may or may not have been crossed, the only way to find out is to wander further, facing novelty until everything becomes known again. A faint sadness lingers in the air. End of scene.
Composed & performed by Subespai (Mauri Edo). Recorded by Matthew Syres. Subespai is Mauri Edo, a Sydney-based sound artist working with found sound, repetition and volume to explore and express complex thoughts and ideas on existence, society and the individual.

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Show 797: Amauta Mixtapes from

Amauta Mixtapes is one of a four-part experimental acoustic reportage focused on epistemologies in resistance and sistered struggles. Assembled by Nomad Agency/Archive of Emergent Studies, a research studio and transdisciplinary platform that intersects advanced
resilient practices, promotes studying against the grain, and claims the political space of research as the right to know and the right to imagine together. NÆS walks with artist David Muñoz Alcántara and curator Giovanna Esposito Yussif. This was commissioned for Latitude
on Air – Unsettling Power Relations, 4-7 June, Berlin 2020, a project by the Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with and the Radio Netzwerk Berlin.

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Show 796: Plastic Whales by BRGS (Radio Student)

Plastic Whales

Jaka Berger is one of the most active, creative and versatile drummers, composers and improvisers on the Slovenian music scene in the last ten years. In 2006 he released his debut album with Samo Šalamon and Achille Succi for Italian label Splasch records. Since 2014 till today he is regularly publishing music for prepared drums that he is constructing by himself. His albums are reviewed by international media on improvisation and electroacoustic music. He is part of experimental project Partija with visual artist Matej Stupica, member of bands Ludovik Material and Darla Smoking. Performed in independent theatre shows Gremo Vsi!, Novo mesto Readymade and Nein. Toured with EBM legends Borghesia. In 2015 he released an album of graphic composition Treatise by Cornelius Cardew. In 2016 he performed his most complex piece Audiable life stream tentet for ten musicians. In 2017 finished a tour and released second album with the international trio Rieko Okuda and Antti Virtaranta. Currently, he is performing free jazz with Mezei Šalamon Berger trio, Džuklje Berger duo and Šalamon Džukljev Berger – Fresh Dust trio. He has just released his new electro acoustic album dedicated to composer Morton Feldman with pianist Dejan Berden, Fresh Dust trio album at FMR records UK and integrating modular synth into his prepared drumset.

A contribution for Radia Network show 796 is BRGS’s recently released album Plastic Whales, dedicated to all the creatures exposed to the pollution of the oceans and freshwaters.


“It would be beautiful to be conscious of our past, remembering the mistakes we have made. Unfortunately, presence is full of division among reds, blacks and whites, while we should look forward to the future, each day less certain because of our ignorance to the effect we have for our environment.” #savetheoceans #stopplasticpollution

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Show 795: A Radiophonic Quilt from Wave Farm

Writes Karen Werner, “To make this radiophonic quilt, programmers at Wave Farm’s radio station WGXC came together for a day to make short radio art pieces about RADIO. We approached this theme in an imaginative, associative and at times literal way: radio as invisible waves, as a metaphor for communication and longing for community, as nostalgic soundscape, as a relationship between senders and receivers, as an amazing little box.”

Quilt sections in order of presentation:
An SOS from Planet Earth by Liz LoGiudice
The Mountain Blocks the Signal by Alanna Medlock
Continue by Paulus Van Horne
Tableaux Drawing by Max Goldfarb
WGXC Piece by Thatcher Keats
Radia Segment by Tom Roe

Threads and borders throughout the quilt: Gardens of Discordantia by Heather Martin
Voicemails 1 and 2 by Sam Sebren
Edited interview with Garrett Roche
Edited interview with Carline Murphy
Edited interview with Azouke Legba
plus samples from the quilt sections above

A Radiophonic Quilt will broadcast on the 30 international stations that comprise the Radia network, June 22 – 28, 2020, Season 44, Episode 18.

A Radiophonic Quilt was collectively produced as part of a Wave Farm Radio Art Workshop led by Karen Werner, the 2019/2020 Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow, who sewed the quilt together. Many thanks to the whole Wave Farm crew for organizing this event and to everyone who participated. And to Radia for creating an international broadcast platform for radio art.

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Show 794: More than a Pandemia (TEA FM)

Accelerated by a virus, we have suddenly found ourselves in a possible future. The existen-tial threat appears as if through a magnifying glass, allowing us to perceive the state of the world with increased clarity. With astonishment, we have seen political taboos and unques-tioned assumptions falling by the wayside, allowing our institutions to take action. All of a sudden, the tried and tested arguments of interest-driven politics – economic constraints, technological barriers, unchanging behavioural patterns, individual responsibility – no long-er seem to be guiding the decision-making. Behind this is a growing awareness that the cur-rent socio-political range of actions will be insufficient to cope with future crises, which are just as threatening, but of a completely different nature.

While the world is under pressure to emerge from the coronavirus crisis as intact as possi-ble, the virus has catapulted us to a crossroads. Can we rise to the challenge of the corona-virus phenomenon with answers from yesterday? Or will we look for the answers of tomor-row which also fulfil the various challenges surrounding sustainable development?

The virus has made it clear: the future is now

Dr. Sabin Bieri, Prof. Dr. Thomas Breu, Dr. Andreas Heinimann and Prof. Dr. Peter Messerli

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Show 793: Radio PANdemIK (Radio Panik)

Go home!

Stay home!

Covid 19, Wednesday 18th March 2020

Brussels is confined

Like half of humanity

Our microphones censored?

Radio silence?


Radio Panik created Radio Pandemik,

Eclectic, collective, organic

The crisis as a magnifying microphone, revealing

The voices of the even more precarious are raised

Sounds intermingle, shift, step aside.

Patchwork weave shows,

And crucial viral themes: police repression, prison, feminist movements, mask making, death, Italy, the shock generation .

More than 45 episodes, of which we offer you some fragments…

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Show 792: Bouncing Off – 2020 – by René Uijlenhoet (Radio Worm/Klangendum)

Bouncing Off – 2020 – by René Uijlenhoet

The composers Christine Cornwell and Jago Thornton bounce off on their musical ideas and on what bats might hear while flying inside a room or a chapel. They even muse on the secret afterlife of sound-waves and on the working of their musical brain.
Their introspection  – during an interview – are set into a retro-SciFi sound-scape, depicting the creative human brain as a giant nervous clockwork.

René Uijlenhoet studied composition with Ton Bruynèl. He works as a composer, performer, museum installation builder, teacher, researcher and expert in the field of electronic music.

He taught at the HKU, worked for NEAR and published the complete tape music by pioneers Dick Raaijmakers and Jan Boerman. Since 1997 he is affiliated with the composition department of Codarts Rotterdam.

His music has been published by Donemus, by Basta and also by Peer Verlag. For the purpose of composing and teaching, he investigates new forms of sound synthesis and spectralism, the relationship ‘color’ and ‘timbre’, microtonality, spatial representation (via Ambisonics, among others), algorithmic composing strategies, live electronics in combination with acoustic instruments. , the history of electronic music and analog studio techniques, improvisation using live programming and also sonication of medical research data.

Texts and voice recording by Christine Cornwell and Jago Thornton
The music for Bouncing Off was produced and mixed in the private studio of the composer.

Produced for Worm/Klangendum 2020

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Show 791: Abre Cadavre

© Barbara Kaiser

The Vienna Radia Collective – worked out the common transmission with online video sessions during the covid-19 closing and confronted with the common work in front of the monitors and the mirrored mutual reality made us think of the novel Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll. 

We used the Radia proven method of “Cadavre Exquis” to mirror and reflect our sonic ideas mutually.  Our program “Abre Cadavre” consists of small parts that went around in our collective and the last 30 seconds of each piece of the predecessor’s piece were the basis for the next one. 

Unconsciously a journey through a sonic magic land with sound, text and surprising transitions was created.

Contributions by Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Karl Schönswetter and Peter Wetzelsberger.

Thanks to Alex, Feli, Martina, Susanne and Susi for their voices. 

Screenshot on

May you live in interesting times.

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