radia season 52 – show #1008 (radio x) – ZÄRTLICH GEHT DIE WELT ZUGRUNDE: STILL LOOKING FOR MEDUSA – by NINA M. W. QUEIßNER & LINDA WEIß – playing from July 22 to July 28, 2024 –


ZÄRTLICH GEHT DIE WELT ZUGRUNDE: STILL LOOKING FOR MEDUSA is a tribute to corals, the sensitive critters of Gaia’s underwater realms, showcasing their profound ability to forge symbiotic relationships. Corals, as holobionts for zooxanthellae, epitomize interdependence; as reefs, they offer shelter to many marine creatures; as strong formations, they modulate the ocean’s ebb and flow into gentler currents. As the ancient ancestors of Medusa, they hold the spirit of nature’s often misunderstood and transformative powers. Medusa herself, a female figure of Greek mythology, represents the recurring theme of metamorphosis and the complex dynamics of power and seduction, banished to safeguard the male gaze.

Through a rich saturation of marine bioacoustics, noise pollution, mythic tones, Nina M. W. Queißner and Linda Weiß beckon you to immerse yourself in the deep, dark blue soundscape. Here, lose your way, welcome the feeling of otherness, and give yourself to the waves of yearning, and acknowledge cold shivers. Picture Medusa, whose symbiosis sustains the life that thrives beneath the waves.

underwater sound recordings: Coral reefs (Red Sea, Egypt), shipping traffic on the Main River and the English Channel of the Alabaster Coast; additional sound recordings: Baking soda in water, hot oil, ice cubes, crystal glass and water, tadpoles, rain on polyamide, etc., synthesizer, melodica, Sansa.

image: detail tentacular beings under salinity stress, space sound installation Looking for Medusa, Senckenberg Naturmuseum, Frankfurt a. M. (DE), 2023, photo by Linda Weiß.

concept/production: Nina M. W. Queissner

NINA M. W. QUEIßNER adopts a poetic and research-oriented approach using recording technologies and soundscape composition to explore the experiential dimensions of sound and listening, closely integrated with multidisciplinary concepts of landscape and environment. LINDA WEIß creates immersive installations that examine the dynamics of shared spaces, engaging in dialogue with more-than-human collaborators such as fungi and bacteria. Together, they work on the ongoing project LOOKING FOR MEDUSA that invites audiences on a journey through past and future mythologies. Starting with Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the project weaves together references from cosmologies and ecosystems to create an experimental habitat for speculative future coral creatures. Their audio-visual installation was first exhibited at the Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in 2023. Follow their research on


radia production: miss.gunst [GUNST + radiator x]
production date: july 2024
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
length: 28 min.
licence: (cc-by-nc-nd) NINA M. W. QUEIßNER & LINDA WEIß – – –

additional info:
includes radia jingles (in/out), station and program info/intro (english)

radio x & radiator x: –
GUNSTradio & radiator x: –
Looking for Medusa:

Linda Weiß 2023


World Listening Day is an annual celebration held on July 18 to promote the importance of conscious and attentive listening in daily life. This event is organized by the World Listening Project, an organization dedicated to education and research on sound and listening.
The goal of World Listening Day is to raise awareness about the acoustic environment, fostering a greater awareness of the sounds around us and how they influence our lives and the environment.
This day also aims to highlight the importance of listening as a tool for understanding and connection between people, as well as for environmental care, helping to identify and mitigate noise pollution and other sound-related issues.
The celebration includes activities such as soundwalks, field recordings, workshops, concerts, and other forms of sound-related art and education.
This year, we went to the town of Escucha in the Bajo Aragón region, in the Cuencas Mineras district, to honor the name of the town and… listen.


Show 1006: shiny reflexions (Wiener Radia Kollektiv)

Erwin Reiter, Linz Foto: Barbara Huber

Another programme from the “Elements” series. Previous parts: Earth, water. This time it’s about metal.

“Heinrich, der Wagen bricht!” 
“Nein, Herr, der Wagen nicht, Es ist ein Band von meinem Herzen, 
Das da lag in großen Schmerzen, Als Ihr in dem Brunnen saßt 

Und in einen Frosch verzaubert wart.” 

Gebrüder Grimm – Der Froschkönig

The Viennese radia collective thematically revolves around the largest group of chemical elements. In addition to the collage of characteristic soundscapes, the group embarks on a fabulous and mystical search for clues.

A programme by (in alphabetical order):

Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Stefan Nussbaumer, Marian Potocar, Karl Schönswetter, Kaiser Wilhelm

Thanks to: Martina, Cuco

Recording Session at Radio Orange 94.0. f.l.t.r.: Karl Schönswetter, Barbara Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Stefan Nussbauer. Foto: Karl Schönswetter

spoken passages of text:

Peter Schilling – Metall (Song):

Metall Um meinen Hals
Metall Auf meiner Haut
Metall Wir fühlen nichts Doch uns geht es glänzend
Metall An meiner Hand
Metall Auf meinem Haupt
Metall Wir sind schön Wir sind blank polierte Menschen

A ballad poet (around 1887) – “Die Sage vom Erzberg” (The tale of the Erzberg):

Und wählet Ihr ein silbern Herz,
Wählt Ihr den gold’nen Fuß
Bedenkt, daß Silber und auch Gold
Gar bald Euch schwinden muß.
Doch wählet Ihr von dunklem Erz
Den festen Eisenhut,
Das Eisen, – ew’ge Zeiten währt’s,
Der Hut hält lang und gut.

Gebrüder Grimm – Der Froschkönig:

“Heinrich, der Wagen bricht!”
“Nein, Herr, der Wagen nicht,
Es ist ein Band von meinem Herzen,
Das da lag in großen Schmerzen,
Als Ihr in dem Brunnen saßt
Und in einen Frosch verzaubert wart.”

Ovid – Metamorphosen:


Aurea prima sata est aetas, quae vindice nullo, sponte sua, sine lege fidem rectumque colebat. poena metusque aberant, nec verba minantia fixo aere legebantur, nec supplex turba timebat iudicis ora sui, sed erant sine vindice tuti.


Als erstes entstand das Goldene Zeitalter, welches ohne einen Strafvollstrecker, freiwillig und ohne ein Gesetz immer die Aufrichtigkeit und das rechte Tun hochhielt. Strafe und Furcht gab es nicht, auch las man keine drohenden Worte, in Erz geschrieben; keine flehende Menge zitterte vor dem Spruch ihres Richters, sondern alle waren in Sicherheit ohne einen Rächer.


show 1005: Scratch (*Duuu Radio)

*Duuu Radio invites Théo Robine-Langlois, Mia Trabalon and Emilien Chesnot to broadcast a sound piece on the edge of poetry, recorded reading and scratching practice. SCRATCH lets you hear loops where punchlines, words or phrases shouted, sung or rapped are amalgamated. These vocal loops, polyphonic and sometimes abstract, combined with moments of reading and reflection around this practice, constitute the sound activation of the first tracks produced of the CROSS VOLUME vinyl, published by *Duuu Radio.

Project supported by the CNAP – Support for digital arts.
Recorded at *Duuu studio in Paris.

Show 1004: Stopcock (for Radia) by Clinton Green (Radio One 91 FM)

“Stopcock” was recorded July-August 2023, with malfunctioning Walkmans playing loose parts of themselves (speakers) rather than cassettes.

Clinton Green makes something akin to music. He has been active in Australian experimental music since the 1990s as a recording and performing artist, curator, facilitator, writer and researcher. He has worked with unconventional approaches to guitars, turntables and found objects as tools for new forms of musical expression. He has also worked with dancers, theatre and performance artists in improvised collaborative situations, and has developed a performance practice incorporating projections. Clinton runs the Shame File Music label and writes on/researches historical and contemporary aspects of Australian experimental music. He has completed artist residencies in Taiwan (2015) and Cradle Mountain, Tasmania (2017), and has performed/exhibited in Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, and throughout Australia. His current interests include using deconstructed Walkmans as beat-generating machines, and processing text via compositional procedures and cassettes.

Photo credit – Colin Hodson

Show1003 : The Jingle Book by Alan Dunn (TT Node)

During lockdown, artist Alan Dunn established ‘orchestras’ across seven dementia care homes, using everyday objects as instruments and tongue twisters as lyrics. To everyone’s surprise, these tongue twisters became a precious activity, with participants (and the artist’s 6-year-old grandson) creating new ones, reciting them in different styles and even mastering some of the world’s hardest ones! This new mix brings together versions from one of the care villages in Chester that was part of the longer Where the Arts Belong research project between Bluecoat and Belong. The recent publication The Jingle Book documents these tongue twister adventures that brought laughter and new verbal fluency to many during dark times:

Show 1002: Sasayaki o kiitekudasai (Usmaradio)

Vittoria Assembri is an experimental sound artist and independent researcher in sonic arts and public architecture. Her sound research is about field recording, sound objects, experimental music that reflect on the theme of marginal and liminal territory, in close relationship with urban plans and its crossing (human and non-human).

Her practice develops from site-specific deep listening, focusing on urban dynamics, sociocultural processes and public sphere, with which to rewrite an affective and political landscape of resistance.

Vittoria is currently in Japan since the beginning of May, where she is doing a live performance tour and working on a few artistic residencies’ projects (Kyoto Kinugasa Art Residence for Community in Kyoto, Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Lake Haruna Artist Residence). 

This track is a cut-up of her analog and digital recordings around Japan: Haruna and Fuji-san volcanoes, Kinugasa district in Kyoto, tatami’s and bonsai’s artisans in Okayama, izakayas in Shinjuku-Tokyo, Taka-san cellist, nightingale flooring of the Ryōn-ji Temple, shishi odoshi, radio fm-am interferences, jingles and alerts from megaphone loudspeaker, Aomori forest’s fauna, memorial songs from inhabitants and fishermen of the Haruna cadera, etc.



Usmaradio – Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale per la Radiofonia (CRIR) / Interdepartmental Research Centre for Radio Studies, is a workplace of The School of Radio to develop an innovative radio pedagogy. Workshops, work sessions, meetings, presentations of live performance as sections of the project. Produced by UNIRSM | Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino. / /


Show 1000: 1000 Likes by Sarah Washington (Mobile Radio)


This is a special collaborative show to mark Radia’s 1000th week of broadcasting. It features contributions from 14 member stations and affiliates of the network, which between them collected the voices of 122 participants.
The remit was simple: Ask several people to speak a list of 10 things they like, and compile their voices into a short composition. The result is a heartwarming and amusing gathering of over 1000 genuine likes, which stand in proud relief to the hollowed out kind we have have become accustomed to on social media. Participants were surprised to be asked what turns out to be a very good question.

Concept and realisation: Sarah Washington

Contributors (in order of appearance):

Rádio Zero
Recorded by Ricardo Reis, produced by Sarah Washington
Voices: Rute, André, Miguel, Ricardo

Sounds produced by XM TRAN

Produced by DinahBird
Voices: Jean-Philipe Renoult, KRN, Valérie Vivancos, Claire Serres, DinahBird, Nicolas Montgermont, Julbel, David Christoffel

Produced by Karl Schönswetter
Voices: Barbara Huber, Milada Huber, Nikola Huber, Barbara Kaiser, Stefan Nussbaumer, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Karl Schönswetter

Radio Campus Paris
Produced by Philipp Fischer
Voices: Gregoire, Heloise, Jean, Julia, Kelian, Lucas, Maeliss, Philipp

Soundart Radio
Produced by Lucinda Guy
Voices: Alex, Alice, Anne, Audrey, Cathy, Chris B, Chris S, Edie, Lucinda, Rick

Produced by Angela Herres, mixed by Alessandro Renzi
Voices: Angela Herres, Anna Herres, Annalisa De Palma, Federica Orrù, Mirella Podda, Greca Vargiu, Pietro Podda, Raimund Herres, Clara Herres, Maria Herres, Samuele Ferraro, Erica Podda, Colette Podda

Radio Helsinki
Produced by Reni Hofmüller
Voices: Andreas Unterweger, Barbara Edlinger, Jogi Hofmüller, Karli Braun, Margo Sarkisova, Max Höfler, Natascha Gangl, Nika Pfeifer, Reni Hofmüller, Thomas Antonic, Valentina Vuksic

Produced by Jon Panther
Voices: Hethre Contant, Jon Panther, Peter Blamey, Richard Kennedy, Stephen Allkins

Kanal 103
Produced by Gjorgji Janevski, post production Todor Karakolev
Voices: Ena Mitrevska, Jovan Gakovski, Stefan Petrovski, Joana Risteska, Blagica Jovceska, Ivo Nikolovski, Marija Janevska, Stefan Alijevikj, Jana Delovska, Damjan Ilikj, Eva Stojanovska, Ivo Veikj, Ena Mitrevska, Gjorgji Janevski

Wave Farm Radio
Produced by Meredith Kooi
Voices: Jillian McDonald, Julia Drouhin, Khonsu X, Tom Miller, Matthew Ostrowski, Mike Bullock, Desiree Mwalimu-Banks, Oluwafemi

*Duuu Radio
Recorded by Sampson Staples & Sarah Banville, produced by Sampson Staples
Voices: 5 passersby in Parc de la Villette, Sampson Staples, Paul Castillon, Sarah Banville

Mobile Radio
Produced by Sarah Washington
Voices: Sandra, Edka, Emma, AGEE, CC, Élodie, Felix, Givan, Jasmina, JD, Leandro, Natalie, Necef, Renata, Stefan, Sarah, XTO, Xuan, Knut

Produced by Meira Asher
Voices: Claudia Wegener, Laila Abd el-Razaq, Hannah White, Stephen Shiell, Paul Kendall, Meira Asher

Show 0999: RadioActive ~ on Water series (radioart106)

RadioActive – on Water is a six episode podcast series, exploring the interactions between transmission, sound, activism and water. Each episode is created by a different artist/group of artists who engage with water politics and the politics of listening through the medium of radio. This show contains 2 excerpts from each episode, selected by the series’ curators.

Creators: Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell and Hannah White), Lisa Blackmore and Leonel Vásquez, RE-PEAT collective, Margarida Mendes, Carlos Monleon and Nathaniel Mann, Meira Asher.

The episodes:

‘An Ear to River ~ counterflows’ by Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell & Hannah White) invites the audience to listen with the Channelsea river, a recovering waterway in East London and home to the city’s largest combined sewage outfall.

‘River song, singing rivers’ by Lisa Blackmore and Leonel Vásquez, navigates the Bogotá River in Colombia through a more-than-human song created in collaboration with the living forces that shape the watershed’s ecosystems.

‘Watered’ by RE-PEAT collective approaches water justice through imagining the perspective of water nself, by drawing stories and definitions of bodies of water, and n’s entanglement in relation with other bodies, bogs, bugs, sundew, moss and more.

‘Sonic Traces’ by Margarida Mendes, is a journey from the deep ocean to the Mississippi river, to expose how traces of pollution, sonic and chemical, travel through watery space impacting communities across ecosystems.

‘River Breathing’ by Carlos Monleon and Nathaniel Mann, examines the impact of irrigation systems on human and more-than-human communities through the Ebro river in Spain and its endangered clam population.

‘Liquidation’ by Meira Asher interrogates the politically engineered water crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Jordan Valley where Israel deliberately and strategically deprives Palestinian shepherd communities of access to water.

Curated by Meira Asher and Stephen Shiell
Production – Meira Asher, radioart106
Mastering – Daniel Meir
Web design – Laetitiia Boulud
Produced with the support of the Pais council for Culture and Art, Israel
Image by Pablo Sanz from a project along the Manzanares River in Madrid

Partners & broadcasts:

Resonance Extra – May 6 – 11, 12pm [gmt+1]
USMARADIO – May 13 – 18, 7pm [cet]
KZradio – May 19 – 24, 12am [gmt+2]
Archipel Community Radio – May 26 – 31 – 3pm [cet]
Radio Tsonami – June 3 – 8, 3pm [gmt-4]
diffusionfm – June 10 – 15, 9pm [aest]


SHOW 998 Compositing For Radio A Workshop From ( Diffusion FM)

This is a montage created from the Radio as a Space and a Material community workshop with DiffusionFM held at 107 Redfern. For this event we invited the community to contemplate alternative radio space. We also invited the wonderful Hethre Contant to participate which inevitably included an appearance of The Weekly Dream Report. Also big thanks to Ryan Morris for sharing his other consciousness with us.

Here are the results of workshop participants enjoying performative experiments. During these “Jams” the usual suspects were utilised – extremely low-powered terrestrial radio wave technologies, other electromagnetic and time-based sensing tools, telephones, walkie-talkies, computers, deep sea cables, whatever paraphernalia came to hand and August Black’s telematic browser app Mezcal.

Most of the material was recorded using a very old H1 ZOOM with only one functioning microphone and mobile phones. The results are delightfully LoFi and in glorious mono!