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Show 992: Resonating Sculptures by Reni Hofmüller, Radio Helsinki (Graz)


(c) Martin Gross

Resonating Sculptures

by Reni Hofmüller

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla

Sounds of electromagnetic waves, overlapping frequencies of unfathomable spaces – magical, fleeting and touching, these are the electro-poetic worlds of sound that Reni Hofmüller opens up with the antennas of her Resonating Sculptures. Radiation emissions from the natural and human-made world, the cosmos and the technological environment transformed into sounds: hissing, crackling, hissing, whistling, vibrating, clanking and clicking, humming, buzzing, vibrating and booming, voices, tones and sounds from the radio.
Since 2012, the media artist, musician, composer, organiser and activist has been working with communication spaces that are created and characterised through the use of antennas and interpreted musically and improvisationally in live sets. The sculptures are mobile, small, heavy, expansive, they reference places and spaces for which they were designed, and they each have their own history of creation. These are reflected in the forms as well as the spectrum of what they receive. Eight Resonating Sculptures have been created over the past eleven years. In April 2024, a new series of antennas based on the water systems – rivers, drinking water canals and sewage – will open in Scala, Tabakalera, San Sebastian.
As early as the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla picked up signals from Jupiter during his first radio experiments and interpreted them using his imagination. The Resonating Sculptures appeal to this power of imagination in the same way as the blue of the deep when diving in the sea or the noise of the radio between the transmitters that suggest a potential, a maybe, a possibly. Hofmüller: “The world opens up for me from my world of sound.”

Show 968: Verwüstung by Scar sisters (Radio Helsinki)

  1. Verwüstung by Scar sisters (Antonia Manhartsberger and Constanza Mendoza) deals with structural violence in gynaecological surgery. Lack of transparency and education and backward research meet capital and individual interests. People whose reproductive possibilities are limited or who have no desire to have children are denied the right to self-determined sexuality, their reproductive organs can be removed recklessly. The often profound consequences are ignored in medical discourse, the psychological, physical and sexual after-effects are denied. Those affected feel anger, grief, powerlessness, loneliness, inner emptiness…. Verwüstung is a call for solidarity and self-empowerment. We are scar sisters, ready to fight. With our bodies and our words. Our weapon is openness. Scar sisters against patriarchy, scar sisters for radical empathy, scar sisters against physical and psychological violence at the examination chair. Scar sisters for unlimited satisfaction. Sisters in solidarity!


  1. Extracts of the Live-Performance “Lounge music – Loungeová hudba” a dialogue with no-input-mixer and sheep on invitation of Brandon LaBelle and Ricarda Denzer’s Dirty Ear Forum # 9 sound, multiplicity and radical listening in Vienna, Arena Bar, March 20nd-23rd 2019, Literature and Live-Sound: Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Voice-performance and Translation


Show 942: “Abstürze/Crashes” – Radia Version by Mark Kanak (for Radio Helsinki)

“Abstürze/Crashes” – Radia Version by Mark Kanak

Mark Kanak – Poems & electronic sound structures

Rex Joswig – Voice, loops & final mixing

Tone Avenstroup & Susan Atkins –
Additional voices

A Kanak & Joswig Production for Radio Helsinki, 2023

Rex Joswig liest Gedichte (Deutsch/Englisch) von Mark Kanak aus “Abstürze”, 2006. // Rex Joswig reads poems in German and English by Mark Kanak from “Crashes,” 2006.

Show 915: Bob (Musk’s Mushrooms) by Thomas Antonic (Radio Helsinki)

Show 915: Bob (Musk’s Mushrooms) by Thomas Antonic (Radio Helsinki)

Bob (Musk’s Mushrooms) is a sound collage based around an interview Thomas Antonic recorded while researching the beat generation in the United States and which revolves around topics such as freedom, drugs and conspiracy theories.

Thomas Antonic
is an award-winning poet, musician, writer, filmmaker and multimedia artist who holds a PhD in German Literature and Philosophy. He works mainly in the fields of experimental literature, multi-media intersections of poetry, film, music, visual arts, cut-up, improvisation, spontaneous prose and other principles of coincidence.

He has numerous publications to his name, in German and English, most recently: United States of Absurdia or The Glorification of the Golden West (poetry and prose, 2022). Antonic is currently conducting the research project ‘The Transnational Beat Generation in Austria’ at the University of Vienna. He was Visiting Researcher at Stanford University in 2013 and Research Fellow at the University of California in Berkeley in 2014 and 2015. He lives and works mostly in Vienna, Austria. In 2021, he completed his first feature length documentary film, ruth weiss: One More Step West Is the Sea.

Show 865: Laments by Mara Genschel for Radio Helsinki

In 2008/2009 – I was in my late twenties but felt like in late puberty – I worked on a collection of fixed sound pieces that I would describe as precisely composed „field poems“. These LAMENTS (as a half-ironic reference to Monteverdis famous Lamento d’Arianna) are based on somewhat classical field recording material (daily life, urban soundscapes, noise) and on the other hand extremely private, spoken and often sobbed confessions I would nowadays assume to be evidence of a mental crisis combined with a devastating love story.

Technically these pieces are produced quite Low Tech – I would compare this way of cutting sound material with handwritten poems: drafted, crossed out, marked. Further, the evidence of time (13 years!) is very clear: sounds like „digital camera“, acoustic phone messages, UKW radio etc. must already seem historical, even nostalgic nowadays. I recorded most of it with a MINI DISC PLAYER and OKMs (Originalkopf-Mikrofon).

To whom these mixtures of tears and glitches, glitches and tears appear to be too private, selfmade or embarressing, I suggest to listen to them as simple love songs. Their approximate titles might be as follows:


WARNING: Please be careful with headphones at 09:18-12:30

Current projects:

Show 837: „Zunehmend schlechter“ + „540“ by Mark Kanak (Radio Helsinki)

“Zunehmend schlechter” (“Increasingly worse”) is an absurd audio farce that came about after Kanak heard the phrase “increasingly worse” (in the media, in the supermarket, on the street) several times in one day in late 2020 regarding the pandemic.  It’s not meant to downplay the crisis, but rather to provide a bit of humor in the face of an extraordinary situation.  We are told that things are getting “increasingly worse”, we repeat that things are getting increasingly worse, therefore, they must be getting increasingly worse.  Or: perhaps the pandemic is over (“Die Pandemie ist vorbei!”). Alas, no, in fact, things ARE getting increasingly worse…our first inclination was true. And round and round it goes …

The second part, “540,” refers to the sort of circles we’re running around in as we are confronted with this problem, both on personal levels and in terms of society at large.  First we see it one way (180°), but then decide that maybe that first consideration was wrong (360°), but then actually decide that our first guess was actually right (540°).  As Bernhard wrote so beautifully: The truth we know is logically the lie, which, by not getting around it, is in fact the truth.

Show 812: Radio Cyborg Transmitter LIVE by Reni Hofmüller, Valentina Vuksic and Max Höfler (Radio Helsinki)

Radio Cyborg Transmitter LIVE by Reni Hofmüller, Valentina Vuksic and Max Höfer (Radio Helsinki)

Valentina Vuksic and Reni Hofmüller

Mix of rehearsals + soundcheck + concert + ‘was wenn’

Reni Hofmüller: Radio Cyborg Transmitter Information here.

Valentina Vuksic: Tripping through runtime

Electromagnetic improvisation with running code : a few system commands that use memory and processor while the electromagnetic emissions of one’s laptop runtime are picked up as sound with transducing induction coils.

Max Höfler: ‘was wenn’ (Text composition with sampler.)

Show 784: Funkensprung featuring the Radio Ironie Orchester (Radio Helsinki)


Radio Ironie Orchester – Funkensprung

This Show is presented by Adina Camhy and Teonas Borsetto, two members of the orchestra.

An On-the-air- and online radio concert played by Radio Ironie Orchester took place on April 3rd 2020 as part of the festival Klangmanifeste under the topic „Funkensprung“.
Radio Ironie Orchester is a radio-phile orchestra structure that has been existing since 2019 and combines acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic music with the medium radio. Klangmanifeste is an audio show on the borderline between visual arts and contemporary music. This year’s Klangmanifeste edition should have taken place in Vienna and Graz in Austria.

Due to corona crisis and the current situation regarding physical distancing Klangmanifeste was looking for alternative digital venues on a short notice.In this extraordinary situation different familiar as well as new channels and alternative forms of virtual interacting were employed and established. The solo-listener and the musicians of the Radio Ironie Orchester and played via the free software video conferencing tool Jitsy. The concert was broadcasted live on the radio stations Radio Helsinki in Graz and Radio Orange in Vienna and was streamed live on the recently created website  – a virtual concert hall in progress.

The performing musicians of the Radio Ironie Orchester:
Cosima Flora
Betty Hubner (professional listener and part of the orchestra)
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka
Adina Camhy
Georg Wissa
Teonas Borsetto
Antonia  Sophia
Nicole Sabella
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

Stephanie Castonguay (CAN)
Marcin Morga (Vienna)
Arik Kofranek (Vienna)

Technical Support:
Stefan Voglsinger
Philip Leitner
Christine Schörkhuber
Jogi Hofmüller
Reni Hofmüller

Moderation on Radio Helsinki 92.6- das Freie Radio in Graz and Radio Orange 94.0:Reni Hofmüller

Moderation in the virtual concert hall Echoraeume: Stefan Voglsinger  

Klangmanifeste 2020 is curated by Christine Schörkhuber, Stefan Voglsinger, Ulla Rauter und Veronika Mayer  

open music Graz, esc medien kunst labor, echoraum, Setzkasten Wien, Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz), Radio Orange 94.0 und Radio 92.6 Helsinki-das Freie Radio in Graz.

Show 757: How it is by Max Höfler for Radio Helsinki


How it is

by Max Höfler for Radio Helsinki

How it is is deals with the tension between the description of a work and the work itself.

Produced by Max Höfler for Radio Helsinki, Graz – Austria

Max Höfler 
born in 1978, is a Graz, Austria, based author, sound artist, curator and part of the artist association Forum Stadtpark. He is the co-founder of the international literature network CROWD and studied German literature, philosophy and history of art and did his doctor degree on Post-Wittgensteinian aesthetics. Max Höfler is writing experimental texts, which are influenced by the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century.
For his books he was awarded several prizes and grants. Regularly international readings and performances (London, Peking, Berlin, Helsinki, Prag, etc) He is the publisher of the so-called screening literature magazine GLORY HOLE – messages from the other side.

Show 730: How does Bosch sound by Kinga Toth (Radio Helsinki, Graz)

2015 I had the opportunity to visit Bosch researching field the first time and the amazing Platform12. This is a new planet, a freer place for creation under strickt circumstances of a huge factory as Bosch. My idea was to connect this organism through the first layer, the skin: the text. To research all the written communication and the unique Bosch-language with codes, secrets and word-creations. I was also very curious about how this organism functions, how we receive the language, so to sum up: HOD DOES BOSCH SOUND? During my stay I sat on a bagger, watched a controled a mower,  and amazing robots and machines, and tried to communicate them, collect their sounds and compose with them – using their and also mine secret language. In my understanding text also has a body (it is a body itself), so I worked also with the shapes and important lines, contours as part of this language. The result came in a book by Parasitenpresse with the titel “Wir bauen eine Stadt” in graphics, poems, sounds and also performances with Normal Gergely sound and visual artist and also in this text-sound-composition with poems, codes the sounds of Bosch-machines and my reactions to it. After Jena and Stuttgart 20. and 28. March 2019  I’m going to present the project in Graz, in the off-gallery Griesgasse 31.