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Show 935: Can we talk, dear AI? (by Chuse Fernandez, TEA FM Radio Workshop)

Artificial Intelligence is surrounding our lives almost without realizing it. Perhaps we are at that turning point and even of “no return”. What we are going to listen to next is a simple experiment in which we are going to … Continue reading

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Show 934: SONIC COLLECTIVITY by Trashkot (Guest Slot)

 Trashkot is the name under which artists Jo Caimo and Sjoerd Leijten have been making radio since 2018 on Radio Centraal 106.7 FM in Antwerp. SONIC COLLECTIVITY is a collage piece created from their extensive audio archive. The piece … Continue reading

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Show 933: LOOP liminal (Wiener Radia Kollektiv, Radio Orange 94.0)

In our search for an acoustic equivalent of a liminal space, we found it in the sound aesthetics of waiting loops. The dissolution of time into emotion throws the listeners back on themselves, on their own acoustic equivalent of a … Continue reading

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Show 931: In and Out & In-Between by Elen Huynh for *Duuu

 Two pieces   In and Out  What do we express alone in the face of silence and solitude in one small given moment? Here, the voice rises, repeats, curves and stops. In-Between  In the morning, Like a bird standing … Continue reading

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UNTIME THERAPY: THE ART OF DETUNING by TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO There is a saying: Time heals all wounds. Which is not true anyway. But even worse: what if time itself makes you sick? Indeed, there are many time-related illnesses … Continue reading

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Show 928: No Ground, by Jennifer Callaway

 +++ Jennifer Callaway’s ‘No Ground,‘ commissioned for the Radia network’s first broadcast of 2023, is a composition that takes a single 27 minute live improvised recording of a 1940s Bakelite valve radio, and subtly weaves this instrumental base into … Continue reading

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Show 926: Iolanda mi nant de nòmini (Usmaradio)

 IOLANDA MI NANT DE NÒMINI (audio documentary, 31 minutes, written and directed by STUDIOLANDA, co-produced by Radio Papesse) ➤ LINK HERE to subtitled version (sardinian dialect / italian – english) SYNOPSIS Orlanda Sassu, a Sardinian poet and ecologist (1924-2015), carried … Continue reading

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Show 924 Ritmi Rurali by Joe Sannicandro for Radio Papesse

Radia Show 924 stems out of Radio Papesse’s long lasting kinship and collaboration with Liminaria Festival and curator Leandro Pisano. Last Summer 2022 Liminaria hosted residencies, workshops, sound installations and guests, among which Joe Sannicandro who worked primarly in Colle … Continue reading

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Show 0923: Voices in my Head by Floy Krouchi (radioart106)

Floy Krouchi  Voices in my head  (in a no man’s land) 2022  (electronics, voices, transformed field recordings) “A dry landscape of rocky mountains, transforming slowly into a pure white desert. No water, No trees around, one floor’s beduins habitations, campement for … Continue reading

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Show 922: The Weekly Dream Report Omnibus by Hethre Contant and Jon Panther for 107Diffusion.

Here is a collage of various “live” stream sessions from the studio and street events at 107 Redfern NSW. During these happenings we enjoy improvised sonic performances, interactions with anyone or anything from anywhere on the planet and whatever we … Continue reading

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