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Show 147: radioradar_x by Marold Langer-Philippsen

radioradar_x is a radia-production by Radioerevan at Radio CORAX

radioradar_x is a relay from some field recordings of reality, instruments, voices and a little story about st. lucia in wonderland – mixed and told by radioerevan in january 2008.

author is the radio- and performance-artist Marold Langer-Philippsen from Radio CORAX, also working in the field of theatre- living in Berlin.

Language: English, German

Show 146: The Dispatcher: Carrying Green by Kristin Lucas

“The Dispatcher: Carrying Green” is a political satire and comedy set in the near future by Kristin Lucas. New York City is nicknamed The Big Orange after decades of relentless government-issued orange alert status. The play chronicles the day-to-day engagements of a radio dispatcher for hire (private contractor of the airwaves). Among dispatch clientele are a neighborhood vigilante patrol of canine-identified humans formed out of a therapeutic support group. They call themselves the Sniff Squad. Commissioned by 6th Werkleitz Biennale taking place September 1 – 5, 2004 in Halle (Salle), Germany for this year’s festival theme Common Property. Written and directed by Kristin Lucas. Sound recording by Tom Roe at free103point9 studio in Brooklyn, New York. Animals of the Bible of San Antonio and Zom Zoms of Austin provided the music. Cast includes Theodore Bouloukos, Edward Campbell, Lori Fine, Erzen Krupka, Kelly McNeill, Jens Rasmussen, Wendy Levy, and Celestina Wolcolo. Kristin Lucas received her BFA from Cooper Union in New York in 1994. She has been screening and exhibiting work in the US and abroad since 1996. Her sci-fi distopias and conspiracy theories balance seriousness with humor, and have resulted in video, internet, sculpture, performance, text, and installation works. Lucas’s works are represented by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) and Postmasters Gallery in New York. Lucas taught performance and video art at University of Texas in Austin in Spring ’04. She currently resides in the Bay Area where she is pursuing a Masters degree at Stanford University.
Language: English
Topics: Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure, Information & Media
Additional keywords: radio theater, radio play, radio art, transmission art

Show 145: RetroSonoGrafia II

Second part of the RetroSonoGrafia series. This time aimed at programs created, organized and supported by LemurieT.A.Z. during the year 2007.

The break of the year always tends to force people into evaluating past. This program is a result of Lemurie looking at the last year recordings and trying to get something new from them.
What you’re about to here in this show is a non-commented mix of most of the programs Lemurie produced, organised and initiated during the last year. Included are excerpts from regular radio jams [AUDIO BloKs], samples from Share events Lemurie co-organized and recordings from workshops [such as pirate-radio workshop we did in Bratislava]..
Thanks to everyone who participated and collaborated in 2007.

Show 143: A Radiotale of 2 Walls by fran ilich

In “a Radiotale of 2 walls’, a Mexico city girl runs away with her boyfriend towards the North, but is stranded in faraway Tijuana where she explores the possibilties of crossing the border, making a strange friendship with a shady waiter at the trashy Avenida Revolución (the street of perpetual spring break), a woman of Juárez who reappears as a ‘ghost of internet past’. She’s trying to escape from her past life, her family and trying to start anew, but in the process discovers a new border world full of casualties, contradiction and stories. The character discovers slowly that the people whom she tought of as ‘criminals dealing in the border’ are humans, victims of nationalistic socioeconomical agendas, not unlike the people surrounding the drama of the Berlin Wall and the Germany of the Cold War years.

Radio-novela is the immediate antecessor of the latin-american soap opera (telenovela), and even though is a genre based on audio, it hasn’t completely disappeared, even if it’s not as strong as it used to be decades ago. Sagas would last for years, something which to this day, not even telenovelas are able to achieve. But latin american Telenovelas have crossed the borders and oceans not only into eastern europe, africa, and middle east, but into the us and europe, and in the case of Ugly Betty: a half-breed sitcom/telenovela, just the fact that is not a traditional melodrama inadvertently comments the fact of mexicans migrating into the u.s. become something else: a detail that major latin-american entertainment conglomerates haven’t been able to target with their nationalistic and traditional approaches.

This production was comissioned by Diana Mccarty for Berlin Backyard Radio and it’s a serialized fiction paying hommage to Charles Dickens “A tale of two cities’, which was originally published one chapter at a time in english newspapers. Directed by fran ilich, with several actors including Adriana Segura.

Show 142: Radio Dialysis by Tom Wallace

This programme explores the haemodialysis unit at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London. Treating people with kidney failure the unit treats up to a 100 patients on a weekly basis. Doctors, nurses and technicians discuss the nature of kidney failure and how this life saving treatment is delivered. Patients describe their experiences of coming to the unit three times a week for treatment. This is set against a backdrop of recordings made of the dialysis machines and associated machinery that make the unit function. Produced by Tom Wallace

Click here for a dedicated website.

Show 141: Minus 1 by Petar Palankov

program specially made for radia consisted from interludes, edits, cuts, jingles, bonus tracks, samples, credits… a complete Mash-Up of circumstances existing below zero…

Intros and Outros, plus everything in between. Interludes, edits, cuts, jingles, bonus tracks, samples, credits, farewells… None of its up than 1 min longitude! Yes, it’s a Mash-Up of circumstances existing below zero. Don’t try to memorize it, it’s gonna just slipped away. If you think it’s worth to try, fasten your bells and join the sample mania circle.

Due to a long period of hypnosis, low-level drugging and sleep deprivation, the author of Minus 1, Petar Palankov is not in position to write about his past. Rather, he consumes the present with deep breath outside his home and a lot of music inside in his room. Yes, his life is overdosed with music. That’s why he is running a web mag (music.zine) and works to end the Annual Report which is going ON 1st part of December. Stay online and god save the internet.

Show 140: Variations of Scale by maksims shentelevs

Radio show consists of introduction which is followed by 23 min long soundwork. Introduction part contains night fieldwalk in Nodar village, Portugal, accompanied by short introduction into notion of scale made by author.

Soundwork ”Variations of Scale” is a contextual continuation of ”soundscape mapping” project developed in Nodar, Portugal, during FRONTE[I]RAS 07, international meeting of transdisciplinary arts. The backbone of “Variations” is formed by fieldmix of water tanks, recorded during Fronteiras in the village of Nodar. Recording of resonating tanks is left untreated, while it skins over with multi textural layers of sound material gathered in different places during recent years. This blend is forming fluent narrative soundscape, whose vibrant shiftiness of scales uncovers conditionality of perception.
”Variations of Scale” were constructed for a quadrophonic live performance in Kumu, Contemporary art museum in Tallinn, Estonia, October 2007.

Show 139: return to sender by Vincent Matyn-Wallecan

Dub or instrumental version of a creation for the radiophonic festival in brussels, oct 07 by Vincent Matyn-Wallecan.

“The musical part of “hommage:parodie” can be heard on it’s own, without the french texts I wrote for it. The full version will be available soon on the site, with french words and the live electronics of Patrick Thinsy.The names and sentences heard are recorded voices of friends reading names and objects of the many spams I receive.”

Show 138: Soundrawing by elffriede

elffriede, a vienna-based visual artist, has sent drawings to 34 musicians in different countries all over the world and invited them to compose 2-minutes sound-pieces inspired by the drawing. the artists worked with various instruments (computer, field recordings, electroacoustic instruments, violin, saxophone, voice, typewriter and others) and thus the styles of the sound pieces are miscellaneous.
these 34 pieces are now published on the CD ‘soundrawing’ on together with a booklet, which elffriede produced in cooperation with knust/extrapool (nijmegen).

to view the drawings see (scroll down)

as second part of the interdisciplinary dialogue elffriede is now working on internet animations of her drawings in relation to the sounds. the first sound-drawing-animation can be found at:

this radia show presents the following sound pieces:

robot mein / jörg piringer
vungbo / verena brückner, florian kmet
blobb / arno splinks
ping-pong / hannes raffaseder
zeitverstreichquartett / nikolaus gansterer
lines of breath / murmer
ironing / incite / kera nagel, andré aspelmeier
melting dumpling / maksims shentelevs
remember grrr / edda strobl
per_e / billy roisz
kloster melk / sergej mohntau (jürgen berlakovich, thomas pfeffer)
glasrausch / ara (arno raffeiner)
i come from texas / audun eriksen
fragment 01 / bernadette reiter