Show 141: Minus 1 by Petar Palankov

program specially made for radia consisted from interludes, edits, cuts, jingles, bonus tracks, samples, credits… a complete Mash-Up of circumstances existing below zero…

Intros and Outros, plus everything in between. Interludes, edits, cuts, jingles, bonus tracks, samples, credits, farewells… None of its up than 1 min longitude! Yes, it’s a Mash-Up of circumstances existing below zero. Don’t try to memorize it, it’s gonna just slipped away. If you think it’s worth to try, fasten your bells and join the sample mania circle.

Due to a long period of hypnosis, low-level drugging and sleep deprivation, the author of Minus 1, Petar Palankov is not in position to write about his past. Rather, he consumes the present with deep breath outside his home and a lot of music inside in his room. Yes, his life is overdosed with music. That’s why he is running a web mag (music.zine) and works to end the Annual Report which is going ON 1st part of December. Stay online and god save the internet.

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