Show 140: Variations of Scale by maksims shentelevs

Radio show consists of introduction which is followed by 23 min long soundwork. Introduction part contains night fieldwalk in Nodar village, Portugal, accompanied by short introduction into notion of scale made by author.

Soundwork ”Variations of Scale” is a contextual continuation of ”soundscape mapping” project developed in Nodar, Portugal, during FRONTE[I]RAS 07, international meeting of transdisciplinary arts. The backbone of “Variations” is formed by fieldmix of water tanks, recorded during Fronteiras in the village of Nodar. Recording of resonating tanks is left untreated, while it skins over with multi textural layers of sound material gathered in different places during recent years. This blend is forming fluent narrative soundscape, whose vibrant shiftiness of scales uncovers conditionality of perception.
”Variations of Scale” were constructed for a quadrophonic live performance in Kumu, Contemporary art museum in Tallinn, Estonia, October 2007.