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Show 217: 18 Minutes by Kevin Malone

Klubradio presents the work of music and sound designer Kevin Malone. In this series, Malone presents Fast Forward, 18 Minutes and Changing For You. Fast Forward, a string quartet of obsession and velocity leads into 18 Minutes, a concerto for two double basses and string orchestra. 18 minutes is the amount of time that elapsed between the collisions of the World Trade Center towers in New York City on September 11th, 2001. The voices heard on this piece provide the pitches and rhythms of the melodies. They are the spontaneous exclamations of people who witnessed the collisions.

Show 216: from CKUT

CKUT’s Radia collective:
– made a list of ideas
– choose the idea about lists
– compiled lists
– spent hours piecing those lists together
– pressed save

Contributors include: Juliet Lammers, Neil Griffith, Cathy Inouye, Vanessa Lundgren, Liz Pieries, Courtney Kirkby and Rachel Ni Chiunn

Show 215: counting years

by jörg köppl and peter zacek
in cooperation with fawzy emrany

counting years is based on a radio and sound art project that took place in 2007 in amman, the capital city of jordan, in the framework of ‘no condition is permament’- an art project in public space initiated by the swiss artist rayelle niemann. it is for the first time that ammann encouners interventions in public space, conducted by artists from jordan, egypt, palestine, lebanon, and switzerland.

during their stay of one month jörg köppl and peter zazel worked together with the artist fawzy emrany from gaza – and people from palestine living in two of the thirteen long term refugee camps existing in jordan.
the three artists asked inhabitants of the camps – some of them being already the third generation growing up in jordan – to count years, starting with the year of their birth into the future and finishing with a year oft their personal choice.

the voices were sorted by duration of counting and piled together to a show that was broadcasted on radio ammannet, the first internet radio of the arab world (founded in 2000).

for a second version, the piece was enriched with the jingle the small gas delivery trucks in amman use, and played for two days via the speakers of two of these trucks.

the piece for radia is the third version, a radio edition created by jörg köppl in april 2009.

Show 214: IT-Solaris

by Johannes Krause and Claus Stoermer

Solaris is a mixture of pictures. The pictures came from the film by Andrej Tarkowskij and is based on the story by Stanislaw Lem – Johannes Krause and Claus Stoermer were inspired by the splattering memories of that doing the piece we can hear in the next half an hour.
It’s partly German- dont mind. It’s partly spoken- dont mind. It’s partly voiced by Ralf Wendt- dont mind. It’s the other world in less than 30 minutes.
All the material is based on the recorded voice.
Have fun with the raw German language.

Johannes Krause and Claus Stoermer work like that:

Show 213: Wave Farm

Collaborations between international radio artists and local birds and frogs at free103point9’s Wave Farm in upstate New York are considered together in a long collage. Transmissions are picked up by all sorts of radios and microphones, and mixed with works by Tom Roe, Maria Papadomanolaki, Scanner, Evidence, Stars Like Fleas, and Feathers. Day turns to night, and back into day, in this audio documentary of radio art made at Wave Farm.

Show 212: Stiller Marktschrei/silent exclamation from the market by Stefan Roth

After a special birthday jingle of Barbara Kaiser you will hear the show by artist Stefan Roth invited by Radio Orange: Stiller Marktschrei – silent exclamation

Time-transformations are obliged to music and sonic reception. On July 19th 2008 the soundartist Stephan Roth, co-curator of the “Elektronik Teatime”, produced a sound-installation the SOHO-projektwerkstatt, a free artist-space near a grocery market in Vienna.

For 12hours he focussed his microphones soberly onto the Brunnenmarkt in Vienna, a local fruit- and vegetables market. He subverts gently the receptiveness of the listeners by transforming 12 hours recording footage into one slow dynamic wave of 27minutes. Transformation without reduction.

For the installation he and the artist Martin Roth filled the white space with found material: typical grocery market packaging. All kinds of packaging-cases and plastic bags. Pilled up cases were filled with plastic-bags, that where moving and breathing, hardly perceivable.

Show 211: Nine Nights in Newcastle

replacement programme

The AV festival 2008 in Newcastle included three festival radio stations. To avoid having to program nine nights with playlist material I offered to build a sound installation that would fill the radiospace with its live output. The installation was loosely based on Lee De Forest’s invention of the vacuum tube by only using feedback between audio and radio equipment to create sounds.

Two of the three festival radio stations (Resonance FM at MIMA in Middlesbrough and Soundscape FM in Sunderland) were created especially for the festival, the third was a recently established community radio station in Newcastle. After two nights of broadcasting the sound installation the Newcastle station became too concerned about the loyalty of their listeners and reverted back to their usual europop night loop. Kunstradio’s Heidi Grundmann commented that she was surprised that we got that far at all and declared our attempts revolutionary.

So here are the nine nights in Newcastle again in condensed format, ready to test the loyalty of your listeners, whatever that is.

A show brought to you by Knut Aufermann for Resonance.FM London

More sounds at

Show 210: The Container project

The Brussels Universities ULB and VUB are occupied by hundreds of sans papiers who demand a regulation of their situation. Since the end of January most of them are on a hunger strike. On wednesdsay 18 March, the sad anniversary of a coalition agreement that never became practice, art students together with Brussels actors, musicians and writers organised an event on the Place de la Monnaie: the Belgian state originated there, the sans papiers had learned the national anthem in the three offical languages. A blue container was placed in front of the opera house and during that whole day the container was a podium, a concert hall, a monument and a radio station.

Produced by Martine Ketelbuters and Jan Bulckaen, with the voices of the Sans Papiers, Thomas Bellinck, Willy Thomas, Benjamin Verdonck, Thomas Devos and Brussels musicians.

More info at:

Show 209: Even The Dead Wear Headphones

Recorded live at the London College of Communication, 12 March 2009.

Ed Baxter writes: This is a large-scale ensemble work which relies on bricolage. It follows the traditional (quite English) detective procedural format, chosen for ease of generating material. The script was developed in a couple of sessions with John Wynne’s undergraduate students at the LCC. About ten of them contributed to the text in one way or another, ranging from small ideas to large portions of the finished dialogue. Others worked on gathering sound effects, providing incidental and live music and sound beds. Others still worked on the technicalities. Some people did a lot, and a few didn’t turn up. We recorded it in one take as a 45 minute piece, with some longish scenes designed to be edited in the Radia mix. The final take was interrupted by a fifteen minute forced break (computer malfunction, inevitably) which threatened to destroy the momentum of the performance. No one of the performers (about 25 of them) could hear the whole thing as it unfolded, so there was a lot of trial and error and guesswork involved. The idea was that by sticking precisely to the script it would somehow work. In this edit you can hear the joins, flaws and false starts. I think it has enough charm to get by – and apologise in advance to the majority of Radia listeners for the very English and very text based nature of the work. Thanks to John Wynne for the gig, Ciaran Harte for his Wellesian vision, Chris Weaver for support and Nick Hamilton for the edit.

NB this drama contains strong “post-watershed” language. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Cast List: Clinton – Russell Callow; Close – Alan Shotter; Weiner – Valdemar Gudmundsson; Mower – Daniel Scroggins; Lousier – John Wynne. design, music and effects production, script development and performance by Alberto Sanchez, Alexander Williams, Allan Shotter, Andrew Wordsworth, Ashkaan Fattahian, Calle Buddee Roos, Daniel Scroggins, Dawid Wasilewski, Drew Campbell, Giuseppe Giunta, Greta Pistaceci, Jakob Gierse, Janno Vaartjes, Jonny Hill, Luciana Bass, Max Thornton, Mikko Virmajoki, Niall Farrell, Philipp Köster, Robert Kubicki, Romain Heaf, Ruben Ganev, Russell Callow, Ryszard Salmanowicz, Sean Simpson, Stefan Newcombe-Davis, Sutchara, Thomas Laxton. Written and workshopped by Ed Baxter and first year students on the LCC sound-art course. Produced by Ciaran Harte. Directed by Ed Baxter. With thanks to Chris Weaver, John Wynne and Nick Hamilton. The full 45 minute version of this piece is also available: contact info _at_

Show 208: In the name of Science by Andrej Ancevski/Andreas Hz

In a dark and dusty basement in suburban Skopje, we have found an analogue AM radio receiver dating from 1954. Tinkering with the knobs we scanned Europe’s AM airwaves and recorded the process. The first half of the show is some of the raw recording, while the second are two tracks made by experimental artists Andrej Ancevski (AHz) and Martin Anastasovski using the only the recorded samples as generated sounds, layered and run through various effects.

Andrej Ancevski/Andreas Hz is an electronics engineer, music producer and everything in between. Likes to listen to radio and the world around him, tinker with machines and gadgets, play some music to nice people in clubs and sip martini when no one is looking.