Show 215: counting years

by jörg köppl and peter zacek
in cooperation with fawzy emrany

counting years is based on a radio and sound art project that took place in 2007 in amman, the capital city of jordan, in the framework of ‘no condition is permament’- an art project in public space initiated by the swiss artist rayelle niemann. it is for the first time that ammann encouners interventions in public space, conducted by artists from jordan, egypt, palestine, lebanon, and switzerland.

during their stay of one month jörg köppl and peter zazel worked together with the artist fawzy emrany from gaza – and people from palestine living in two of the thirteen long term refugee camps existing in jordan.
the three artists asked inhabitants of the camps – some of them being already the third generation growing up in jordan – to count years, starting with the year of their birth into the future and finishing with a year oft their personal choice.

the voices were sorted by duration of counting and piled together to a show that was broadcasted on radio ammannet, the first internet radio of the arab world (founded in 2000).

for a second version, the piece was enriched with the jingle the small gas delivery trucks in amman use, and played for two days via the speakers of two of these trucks.

the piece for radia is the third version, a radio edition created by jörg köppl in april 2009.

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