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Show 207: Sparkles

This is a joint effort from several artists, some pieces made for Soundart Radio’s “First Spark” festival in February 2009, remixed here for Radia.
We thought we’d celebrate switching on our new transmitter (1000 times more powerful than the old one) by remembering the forgotten festival of Imbolc, and the first stirrings of light and warm weather. You’ll hear me going on about this in the introduction to the show and making some excuse about being a rural station.
So this show starts with Chris Mockridge’s recording of building and lighting a fire in their (old, cold) home… then an Imbolc piece by Jackie Juno, like me she’s interested in new ways of engaging with these ancient festivals
Then there’s quite a big chunk of our new neighbour Ergo Phizmiz‘s “The invention of Birds” which was an installation in the Dartington Gallery. Actually this bit is from the opening night so it’s Ergo and DJ Salinger together sort of DJing along to the installed piece. I didn’t intend to use quite so much of it but it was hard to choose a short bit. There’s a bit more of it later on.
Then there’s “For Emma” a spoken word thing by Isobel Anderson, who used to be a student.
There’s a thing by Joe Prosser, a writing student here at Dartington… does it have a title? I don’t know.
Lastly “For Bridget” by Graham Burchell. Bridget is St. Bridget and a goddess too, the “Bridie” that Jackie mentioned earlier in the show and Imbolc is her time.

Show 206: 3 pieces from Radio Campus

A show in collaboration with Silence radio (

We are inviting you to a travel through 3 sound pieces from 3 different belgian artists, realised within the “soundscape forever” project.

1 – “Ruisselle” from Philippe Vandendriessche ( fév 2007 – 1’49 )

“Sur les hauteurs de Spa, un plateau enneigé et désert, une rivière gelée, qui coulait sous un vitrail de glace transparente. Des cavités s’étaient formées et l’eau faisait des mouvements de remplissage et de vidange dans des sortes de bouteilles de glace.”

“Surroundings of Spa town. A deserted plateau covered in snow, a frozen river that runs through this transparent ice window. Cavities had formed and water was then doing some mouvements to fill and empty those imaginary iced bottles.”

2- “Greetings from Italy” from Damien Magnette (Sept 2008 – 4’12)

“During the disorganised trip, our guide had messed around with road maps and itinaries. The “souvenir” diaporama will then finally be one mosaic landscape. ”

“Pendant ce voyage désorganisé, notre guide a brouillé la carte et retourné le plan.
Le diaporama souvenir sera finalement un seul paysage, réalisé en mosaïque.”

3- “Nous, les défunts” from Yannick Dauby,( Sept. 08, 18”55)

“Temple de Longshan à Taipei, septième mois du calendrier lunaire. Nous revenons, affamés, dans leur cité. Ils nous consacrent leurs récitations, leurs choeurs. Ils démultiplient les nourritures spirituelles. Nous errons un peu, puis ils nous guident jusqu’à la rivière en de longues processions. Bientôt nous nous réconcilierons avec eux et calmerons nos plaintes, avant de repartir dans le Royaume Inférieur.”

“Longshan Temple, Taipei, 7th month of the moon calendar. We come back, starved, in their city. They offer us some lectures, some songs. They multiply spiritual foods. We walk around a bit, then they guide us though the river in long processions. Soon we will reconciliate with them and calm down our moanings before going to the Inferior Kingdom.”

Show 205: Radiodance Opus.01:”Y Do B?” by F. Ribeiro

Radiodance Opus.01″Y Do B?” starts from the voice, the presence of the verb and the dance of electromagnetic fields to compose a body program of synaesthetic flexing of the body limits, it’s listening s and gestures. In the metaphysical inversion of the body (udob), the representation of the clash of embodiment springs a question: why do we keep insisting on engineering the “being”? Why do we still believe in artistic performance when it has no longer the power to update the world? We ask the listener to watch his body with utmost attention during the broadcast and dance.

Voices (heard and un-heard): Veridiana Zurita, Julia Rocha, Daniel Fagundes, Daniela Dini, Gabriel Kolyniak, Guilherme do Vale, Chico Science, Frank Zappa, Key Sawao, Ricardo…

Show 204: Incidental Parallels by Pôm Bouvier B.

“For some time and repeatedly, I’ve been travelling through 3 cities: Paris- Brussels- Berlin.
In each city I spend at least one week to fix a route that can be disturbed by incidences. An incidence means a digression and it is also the point where a line meets a surface. I accept all those incidences that divert me from my route. And I translate them into sound through a topographical portrait of the cities.”

Pôm Bouvier B. lives and works in Marseille. She has followed an atypical path through music. From listening to very diverse music, to scenography, video and theatre performance, she finally settled in electroacoustic music.