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Show 066: transitliteratur

recorded in the car on the truck-route from vienna to bratislava

transitliteratur is a project where small pieces of literature are placed on transit-trucks. the idea is to use trucks as mobile-media-platform. this radia programme is the auditive attempt of this idea.
during the recording of radia#66 transitliteratur our recording-team followed transit trucks on the way from vienna to bratislava. we were in contact with around 15 people via our cell-phone. by the time the car passed a truck, one of them supplied us with a small reading. the texts had been read in 8 languages (russian, serbian, italian, spanish, english, german, czech, hungarian). the whole project is in realtime and has not been edited.
enjoy the sound of the truck-route between the closest capitals in europe. not the vatikan and rome, but vienna and bratislava.

a real-time radia work by ernst reitermaier, barbara kaiser, and lale rodgarkia-dara.

Show 064: Histoire d’eau by Christophe Modica

Christophe Modica is a photographer, filmmaker and sound artist.
He made a piece ignoring the borders between countries, treating as equals language and sound, music and voice, as a water sound doesn’t need a translation. There is no secret “Histoire d’eau” is a work on water. Water feeds, washes, it can lack or overflow. Drought kills, so does a tidal wave. With the current, from ebb to flow, through health, hydration, struggle and waste, life is in a floating balance.

Show 063: from Kanal 103

this is radia 63 from channel 103, skopje, produced by antonio dimitrov. it is produced in sofia on my artist residency here while working with radio cult, sofia radia partner and working on the sound instalation citism that took part at mobile studios project. this 30 min piece is sofia soundscape, sound map or better said my sound diary that reflects the sound of the city and in this case my experiences, mood and state during this residency here and working on citism project. This sound diary is consisted of private conversations, talks of people at bars, office atmosphere, conversations on dinner in some local restaurant, sound of the way from apartment to office and back, street noise, traffic or market sound, birds in the park… all this is produced at beautiful roof terace of our apartment and this nice background sound and the background sound of whole program is is sound of the interactve instalation of my roomate vincent. part of this sound recordings were used as source for citism sound instalation.

Show 062: Dubphasing

We attempted to create a composition based on delayed, transformed and modulated sounds, sounds that range from stationary to repetitionary stages, from low to high frequencies range.

Our experience can be seen as an attempt to deceive our states of vigilance,
an attempt to offense and breach our routines, in order to question ourselves about what is really surrounding us.

This piece was created by Tiago Andrade and Filipe Campos, from Radio Zero.

Show 061: silence radia

This week for Radia, Radio Campus will go and plunder the database. is a listening space dedicated to contemporary creative radio. offers audio pieces from composed work to “rough” material such as an interesting piece of archive or field-recording.

As a web-based project, Silenceradio could be non-geographical. But it’s not, or not completely. You can find a lot of homegrown sounds, recorded here in Brussels in their collection. We tried here to put some of those together and send you the result, from Brussels, with love

Show 059: from Radio Cult

Hello… this is Not That Kyd from Radio Cult and you are listening to Radia Emission number 59. Renee Sills sometimes performs under the moniker Miss Matches. She took on the courageous task of creating one full radia lenght piece and it turned out greater than the great Canadian Mountains. The piece goes up and down with ever changing landscape like the jagged mountains do too. For any of you who have never been to Montreal, well this show also look at lot like there.
The samples in Renees mix come from a billion local and not so local artists… Charles Stankievitch, Frieda Abtan, Lateef, Serviceworks, Josh Ivy, some children and way more. Renee’s mashup style is always present both in her audio and video works. She is interested in exploring the possibilities available for sharing within a radio network and this is apparent sonically throught this piece. Again this is Renee Sills. She’s from Colorado, she lives in Montreal, she owns an accordeon and she want to visit Bulgaria.