Show 383: Dreams for Delia by Radio Valerie

In 1964 British composer Delia Derbyshire collaborated with the actor and director Barry Bermange collaborated on Inventions for Radio, a piece made from Bermange’s recordings of dreams. The dreams they collected were examined for common themes, and the sections relating to each theme were extracted from individual dreams and edited together into montages. The sections were Running, Falling, Land, Water and Colour. Derbyshire added eerie electronic drones.

Our piece, Dreams for Delia, is a re-staging of this piece, a kind of psychic group portrait. Radio Valerie’s listeners were invited to ring us and leave a voicemail message detailing one or more dreams. The themes which emerged from our listeners’ dreams were Friends, Families, Flying, Fear, Forgetting and Animals.

Melbourne composers who either had shows on Valerie or were otherwise connected with the station were then invited to compose music for one of the voice montages. The montages which – and composers who – made it into the episode were, in order:

Animals, Steven Harris

Fear, Byron Dean

Families, Jason Heller

and Flying, Marcus/Default Jamerson

Show 382: iT: “mouth sounds for heart beats”/”my two body are a buddy” by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

Photo: Nada Žgank’s natural that every time the voice fades away with an exhale… that it disappears…it’s natural that the voices passes in and out of silence, that it holds onto, joins, disjoins with its opposite, that it exists with the opposite…its time exists and extends over the time of compressing the air out …when the air is pressed out, the voice is too…even when sipping air, it comes out as smothered creaking…the voice pushes itself against silence…its duration is between an inhale and an exhale…in between, it is cut off, interrupted, it breaks…it immerses itself in an inhale only to exhale… the unnatural is being born and is dying…

iT / Irena Tomažin is a dancer, performer and singer as well as being a postgraduate philosophy student at University of Ljubljana. Mostly working in dance and theater performances she collaborated with many different choreographers, directors and sound artist, performing in Slovenia as well as abroad in Europe and in Japan. In last 7 years she started to work more on voice – creating her own voice performances: “Hitchcock’s metamorphosis”, “Caprice”, “Caprice (re)lapsed”, “as a drop of rain into the mouth of silence”, “Splet okoliščin” with Josephine Evrard etc. With her solo project named “iT” for voice and dictaphones she works on her own experimental voice materials. As iT she has performed in Vienna, Berlin, Bratislava, Mostar, Belgrade (DisPatch), Budapest (UltraHang), Krakow, Koper, Ljubljana …

iT – Crying Games. »iT« is a large body of voices, intertwined into melodies, monologues, dialogues, taped and retaped into repeating loops, recorded over one another, blurred in noise or sharpened in isolation. There are voices from story fragments, torn from or placed into landscapes of songs and atmospheres. »Crying Games« are songs and spoken texts created since 2005, which have been reshaped through different improvisations and interpretations. Created from inspiration, drama texts, pop songs or mostly from »iT«’s experimenting with voices, they have gained independent acoustic worlds through dictaphones and tape recorders.

Radio Student. Based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, founded back in 1969 in ex-Yugoslavia, with 24 hours program and more than 200 regular contributors today, Radio Student is one of the oldest and the biggest independent and non-commercial radio stations in Europe, with a long tradition in radio art and the diverse field of contemporary investigative art practices, especially throug Ministry of Experiment project in 90’s and 00’s, and today through our Open radio art theory investigative platform RADAR.

Show 380: Sounds of music by TEA FM


What produces the music sounds?
What sounds are music to us?
In the next few minutes we will hear noises, voices, music …

All occurred as a result of musical creation, manufacture of instruments, vocal exercise.

We entered at the rehearsal room, the workshop of sounds coming out the pieces to be assembled in the assembly that is your head.
We talk with a luthier, maker and repairer of sounds. He tells us what it does and its noises betray him.
We went on tiptoe for the trial of a band of rock and roll and thus discover the sounds of music of the twentieth century.
Then, we will open the door of a composer of electronic music to listen and develop his work, the sound like his tools, which produce noise keyboards, synthesizers, computers …
Finally, we found that the sounds of music are intrinsically linked to the music itself.

Without these noises, music is not serious music.
Listen … and make noise.

Produced by Radio Creative School TEA FM.

Script and production sharing between Laura Romero, Daniel Canelo, Miguel Deza and Chuse Fernandez.
Postproduction by Chuse Fernandez.