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Show 387: Latesummer_Night’s_Dream (diving for pearls) by Paulo Raposo , Radio Zero, PT

The perfect timing for shell hunting is immediately before and after low tide. At this timing, clandestine shell hunters suddenly come from the dunes and cross the low waters on foot. The small boats are stranded in the sand gently … Continue reading

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Show 386: Radio Dreaming by Anna Keleher and Claire Coté, Soundart Radio, UK

Based on an ancient Celtic tradition that the land remembers everything, Radio Dreaming explores how the land speaks through dreamers. Episode 1 features stories, conversations and soundscapes of dreams, food, and edible geopark landscapes. Continue reading

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Show 385: “Tanker” by François Martig from Radio Campus Bruxelles

“Tanker” de François Martig FR/ Installation, installation sonore, documentaire radio ou photographique, le travail mouvant de François Martig trouve une forme qui s’adapte aux contextes, à la géographie et aux territoires rencontrés. Il s’agit toujours de sous-ligner ceux-ci plutôt que … Continue reading

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Show 384: Radio Grenouille : Mahayuga by Loise Bulot

Show 384 Radio Grenouille
Loïse Bulot
28′ Continue reading

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