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Show 831: The Borderguard’s Path by Vírgilio Oliveira for Radio Zero

“The Borderguard’s path” was recorded in the Sumava forest between the Czech and German borders on the 2nd of January 2021. I set out to explore the sounds that can be heard inside some of the 1st and 2nd World … Continue reading

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Show 0805: DIVersa_Nula by Thelmo Cristovam (Rádio Zero)

DIVersa_Nula – Thelmo Cristovam (2020) As a sound artist living in brazil, i bear in mind the idea of broadcasting. Distances spray along different lines and overlapping spatial identities. but there are fixed spaces which identity and segment this vast … Continue reading

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after Constantine P. Cavafywith Steve Peters, Marco Scarassatti, Galina Sendrea, Jean-PhilippeRenoult, Paulo Raposo.

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Show 754: Arquivodu by Nuno Pinto and the Hypnotists (Radio Zero)

“The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid” once said  G. K. Chesterton. Language can be described often both as “flower of the mouth” or a deadly virus, evil … Continue reading

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Show 727: Sound Chronicles from Cabo Verde, by Marco Scarassatti (Radio Zero)

This work is an attempt  to recreate the sound memories of the encounters and situations lived and experienced in the journeys between the islands of San Vicente and San Antão, in Cabo VerdeThe Ferry Boat provides the transport between these … Continue reading

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Show 698: “Goats learning to swim” (Radio Zero)

Wherever the earth is crag and scrub, the goats are there—the black ones, girlishly skipping, leaping their little leaps from rock to rock. I’ve loved their nerve and frisk since I was small. Once my grandfather gave me one of … Continue reading

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Show 670: Turvalíngua by Nuno Pinto & Paulo Raposo (RadioZero)

Departing from the reading and performing experience of PO-EX, an ongoing archive of portuguese experimental poetry, this piece explores the mouth and tongue organs as sound tool to engage in an unstable balance between pre-verbal forms and collapsing discursive fragments … Continue reading

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Show 640: The sublime revenge of being happy by Paulo Chagas for Radio Zero

  “The sublime revenge of being happy” composed and conducted by Paulo Chagas performed by Illustrious Unknown Creative Ensemble Branching voices Recognizing the journey through the cypresses Cold Far to the city Away people (This dance is just for bugs) … Continue reading

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Show 585 – Memento (Radio-Zero)

Memento by Abdul Moimême. This radio piece is what its title implies: a reminder of persons and past events, which in the present case are autobiographical as well as musical; occurrences that span a period of over 30 years and … Continue reading

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Show 559: “I promise not to feed back in love again” by Mestre André & Paulo Raposo, Radio Zero, PT

Mestre André: cassete feedback Paulo Raposo: cassetes, field-recordings and assorted sinewaves André G Pinto Aka Mestre André: MA in Musical Arts at New University of Lisbon with a research visit to SFU Burnaby, supervised by Barry Truax. BA in Sound … Continue reading

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