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Show 248: Albert & Serge by Erik Samakh

Erik Samakh was in residence in Cameroon by the end of December 2008. Thanks to his partnership with a Pallisco-certified logging company that implements sustainable forest management, he had the chance to visit the forest area in the upper Nyong division of Eastern Cameroon.

He meant to bring the forest sounds back to the urban space, as a way to highlight the break that is often felt by inhabitants in large urban mega-cities .

A sensory way to remind the major importance – on symbolic, emotional and environmental levels – of a forest that physical distance could devote to a silent degradation.

For Radia, Erik Samakh offers an immersive experience in the most remote zone of Makalayathat mountains, a quasi-primary forest, still untapped, where ape calls keep resounding in a near-dialogue with humans, Albert and Serge…

Show 232: The Dad… or some by TD.OS

Three people, three practices (strings, wax, and pixel) for three visions of sounds.

“TD-Os” mingle stories, music, and field recordings ; voices emerging from notes, scratches tracking silence, a landscape only waiting for the beat to get a word in edgeways.

Wouldn’t it be merely radio ?

Except that improvisation remains the basic principle. Don’t know where we are going, neither with who, but we will hear, once arrived. Eventually, it’s funnier and so much more surprising.

Samuel Hirsch, Christophe Rault, Arnaud Forest and Charlie Marcelet (sound-engineer) endeavour to realise their own “live radiography” and present 28 minutes from « The Dad… or some »

[Thanks to Radia, Floriane, Cha, les Hirsh, la gougoutte and Froggys Radios]

Show 218: Disasteroid by Floriane Pochon

This piece might sound a bit “spaced out”, we give you that.
Still, this is for Radia and everything is allowed, even this “sound collage” that strain our ears to a sky all-sewn with fantasies, science and poetry.

28 minutes to listen to an open space and all the things that man can project to the stars, with his mind, fictions and technological means.
28 minutes to carry you into a state of deep meditation where the body seems to float in a strange fluid ?

Including (in disorder of appearance) : Sound waves arranged in a pattern designed to stimulate a âpleasure centerâ in the brain and induce an “astral projection”, a concert of pulsar frogs from outer space, scientific words (Hubert Reeves, article about Jupiter from the Scientist, etc), movies samples ( It cames from outer space, Flesh Gordon, etc), quote from Stockhausen, musical material slighty distorted (Francois bayle, Stockhausen, D. Day, J. Brown, D. Bowie, Casper the friendly ghost, etc), archives (Appollo IX launching, UFO’ encounters, “Pluto, the dwarf Planet : interview with an astrologer”, etc)

Guest stars :
* Olivier Apprill (Walt Whitman’s poem)
* Nelly Flecher, Julie de Muer, Anton Matéo, Bernard Llopis, Bertille Puissat, Bangkok’s frogs, etc, etc (laughs)
* Xavier Thomas (article from Science & Vie, about the milky way)
* Hubert Reeves

By Floriane Pochon, with Tony Regnauld.

Show 204: Incidental Parallels by Pôm Bouvier B.

“For some time and repeatedly, I’ve been travelling through 3 cities: Paris- Brussels- Berlin.
In each city I spend at least one week to fix a route that can be disturbed by incidences. An incidence means a digression and it is also the point where a line meets a surface. I accept all those incidences that divert me from my route. And I translate them into sound through a topographical portrait of the cities.”

Pôm Bouvier B. lives and works in Marseille. She has followed an atypical path through music. From listening to very diverse music, to scenography, video and theatre performance, she finally settled in electroacoustic music.

Show 189: Bloody Manaus by Pali Meursault

At the beginning of winter 2007-2008, Pali Meursault spent 15 days in Mamori Lake with other sound artists from all around the world in the frame of Mamori Art Lab. Then he spent a week in Manaus and made field-recordings for a radio project. The final shape of the piece was not predetermined: a material started to exist from his drifts through the city, through the people he met. When Radio Grenouille invited him to make a Radia show, this gave him a frame.

So Bloody Manaus is at the same time a travel diary, the recomposition of a soundscape and an immersion into this singular city. It’s also a subjective and inevitably superficial point of view, something between sociological amazement and musical fascination for a deafening city.

Pali Meursault is a sound artist who lives and works in Grenoble, France. His works are published on Universinternational in France, Entr’acte in Great Britain and And/oar in the USA. He regularly collaborates with the artists collective Ici-Même.

Show 174: Grenade

Grenade : une pièce phonographique à partir des marches expérimentales des associations Medit. en Andalousie.

Captations : robin R., carole Lorthiois et Unuagist.

Finalisation : robin R. et étienne Noiseau.

Composition : robin R. et Unuagist.

« Grenade est une ville
Grenade est un fruit
Grenade est un explosif…

Grenade devient pour moi une pièce phonographique: la source d’une joie immense, une adresse à des amitiés aériennes… il me sera toujours difficile d’en parler tant de sentiments se sont mêlés à ce voyage exotérique ! Je sais qu’il y a quelque chose de déterminant là-dedans, de tragique. J’espère qu’il ne s’agit pas d’un paradis perdu…. Soulevons-nous ! -criait cet homme dans son porte-voix, avant que la police espagnole l’embarque devant la sortie d’une église, face à une population muselée, incapable de le défendre. »

Show 160: War on the other side / La guerre de l’autre côté by David Bouvard

War on the other side / La guerre de l’autre côté, released by David Bouvard for Radio Grenouille Marseille France, runs accross a japanese medieval war landscape sampled from Akira Kurosawa’s movies, mixed to daily materials. 26 minutes.
…with samples from Akira Kurosawa’s films : Seven Samurai, Ran and Kagemucha. As well as bees recordings by Rémi Coupille, music by Mark Hollis, screams from the Art ensemble of Chicago, ceramics by Nadège Richard and the voice of Alain Lacroix. Special thanks to Céline Bellanger.

Program in Ogg vorbis / in Mp3

For more about David Bouvard, visit paysagesonore.free.fr & la compagnie

Show 148: by Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge

In Radia 148, you’re going to jump from one recording to another that were made simultaneously at about 1000 kilometers away. It was October the 28th, 2007, from 9 to 9:20 pm CET.
In a studio in Marseille, Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge (with engineer Sébastien Géli) played a few songs.
In a chapel in Brussels, an audience could hear them through the PA and the radio.

This is what almost happened but at the beginning it didn’t properly work. So Brussels and the world were waiting, filling unwillingly the blank. Meanwhile in Marseille, the artists wouldn’t care, they would just speak and play.

Stéphane Massy and Eddy Godeberge until recently hosted a monthly show on Radio Grenouille, ‘le Son du mois’ (the Sound of the month): a kind of news magazine made live with jokes, songs and gossip. They also play their songs in gigs and records as Tante Hortense and run the smart label Les Disques Bien.
Radia 148 is produced by Etienne Noiseau. It was intended to Radioactive Radiophony, a 4-hour show by the Radia network in the Radiophonic festival.

Show 136: This program can by John Deneuve

This program carried by the highest authorities is a program specially created for you.
Conceived in close collaboration with the NASA, this programs marries technology and revolution.
Laika the she-dog taken into the cosmos by Sputnik came back with plenty of precious information and thus helped our team to design a leader program non-polluting and bioethics friendly.

Among other things, John Deneuve produces ‘sound cuisine’ for Radiolist.org, plays in duet Vulvinia and Jambonstar and hosts a weekly radio show on Radio Grenouille: Educational programme for Youth.

Artist’s website: johndeneuve.com

Show 125: Point Radiant by Radio Free Robots

Radio Free Robots transmits from an uncertain future and Point Radiant is a reception in packets which we can’t clearly understand before we can sort them. Point Radiant is the accidental recording of a field of crossed and untidy transmissions, all coming from the same place but emitted at various moments. All of this looks like rough information, like an alternate logic that seems to be intended to us (those robots speak our languages). No matter the time we’ll need to comprehend, our simply human ears can decide for the moment that it’s only music.

For its 10th contribution to Radia, Grenouille asked Radio Free Robots, a collective of robots who live robot adventures in an “uncertain future”, make radio shows for robots in which they discuss robot issues. Radio Free Robots also produced shows and pieces for Epsilonia (Radio Libertaire), Radio Day festival in Amsterdam, performed live in Le Placard and Cannibal Caniche festivals, on Taxi Blind and Radio 404 webradios, made installations in City Sonics in Mons, Belgium, and Visual Arts Center in Hong Kong.

Listen to more Radio Free Robots’!