Show 232: The Dad… or some by TD.OS

Three people, three practices (strings, wax, and pixel) for three visions of sounds.

“TD-Os” mingle stories, music, and field recordings ; voices emerging from notes, scratches tracking silence, a landscape only waiting for the beat to get a word in edgeways.

Wouldn’t it be merely radio ?

Except that improvisation remains the basic principle. Don’t know where we are going, neither with who, but we will hear, once arrived. Eventually, it’s funnier and so much more surprising.

Samuel Hirsch, Christophe Rault, Arnaud Forest and Charlie Marcelet (sound-engineer) endeavour to realise their own “live radiography” and present 28 minutes from « The Dad… or some »

[Thanks to Radia, Floriane, Cha, les Hirsh, la gougoutte and Froggys Radios]

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