Show 070: DJ Sztyepp – The Far-East-Side

DJ Sztyepp – Miraculous Mandarin. Some Hungarian or Chinese for you.

Sztyepp is a DJ and musician, having written for and played in several bands from the experimental ethno band Uzgin Üver through hip hop bands to producing individual remixes. Working with samplers and hard disk recorder, as well as turntables and sequencers whent he is DJ-ing.
THis compilation is from the repertoire of the Chinese show at Tilos, featuring Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean bands like MC Hot Dog and Drunken Tiger.

Show 068: Hymne aux scories

Hymne aux scories (literally Anthem to scoriae) is made of plundered European nations anthems, spoken words and noise generator. Hymne aux scories is a kind of photographic DIY: snapshots that would look at each other, stolen and ready for transformation.

According to Eva Jacobi, “This is concerned with what have now left us: a paradoxical essence of the phenomenon of communication _and always-renewed disorder. These radiographic pictures come from the best and the worth, so as to present fictive but very living acts.”

Eva Jacobi is Olga Tüdjnik’s harpist – a duet with Fabrice Cesario. Olga Tüdjnik consists of the preparation of a material which has been elaborated in the course of a stage process through theatrical acts. It is an important source of the noise generator used in the making of this program.

Show 066: transitliteratur

recorded in the car on the truck-route from vienna to bratislava

transitliteratur is a project where small pieces of literature are placed on transit-trucks. the idea is to use trucks as mobile-media-platform. this radia programme is the auditive attempt of this idea.
during the recording of radia#66 transitliteratur our recording-team followed transit trucks on the way from vienna to bratislava. we were in contact with around 15 people via our cell-phone. by the time the car passed a truck, one of them supplied us with a small reading. the texts had been read in 8 languages (russian, serbian, italian, spanish, english, german, czech, hungarian). the whole project is in realtime and has not been edited.
enjoy the sound of the truck-route between the closest capitals in europe. not the vatikan and rome, but vienna and bratislava.

a real-time radia work by ernst reitermaier, barbara kaiser, and lale rodgarkia-dara.