Show 068: Hymne aux scories

Hymne aux scories (literally Anthem to scoriae) is made of plundered European nations anthems, spoken words and noise generator. Hymne aux scories is a kind of photographic DIY: snapshots that would look at each other, stolen and ready for transformation.

According to Eva Jacobi, “This is concerned with what have now left us: a paradoxical essence of the phenomenon of communication _and always-renewed disorder. These radiographic pictures come from the best and the worth, so as to present fictive but very living acts.”

Eva Jacobi is Olga Tüdjnik’s harpist – a duet with Fabrice Cesario. Olga Tüdjnik consists of the preparation of a material which has been elaborated in the course of a stage process through theatrical acts. It is an important source of the noise generator used in the making of this program.

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