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Show 430: MuseRuole Radio Edition by JD Zazie for reboot.fm Berlin

Festival Curator JD Zazie has compiled this selection of works by Felicity Ford, Heidrun Schramm & Stini Arn for radia.fm. MuseRuole is a festival dedicated to experimental music and puts contemporary female musicians and performers at its centre. It is … Continue reading

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ISTANBUL COURTHOUSTEP by 2/5BZ for reboot.fm With support from Europe’s and the world’s biggest palaces of justice, and with a vision of solving the problems of unemployment and using F- and T-type prisons as for-profit companies with cheap labor, “Advanced … Continue reading

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Show 373: THE TIME MACHINE – Ufos by Plastique de Rêve

Between live mix, sound collage and scientific experiment, “The Time Machine” explores the many dimensions of past and present day electronic dance music, quantum-jumping the barriers within the genre, blurring the lines between past, present and future, with its search-lights … Continue reading

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Show 351: Global Prayers Religion’n’Roll Radio

Piko Be’s Religion’n’Roll Radio – Tobias Yves Zintel, Pollyester, Polyversal Souls” Impressions of St. Agnes in Berlin, Kreuzberg – rent by a congregation named “Citykirche”.  Memories of The Church Of The Little Green Man – a gathering place for artists and … Continue reading

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Show 331: Raw Audio Recordings #2: Open Classics by Gabi Schaffner

Four field recording collages and a snippet of a tractor pulling contest: 28 minutes of Raw Audio Recordings and a journey into the realm of forests, junk yards and inhouse electrics.

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Show 311: Different Looks At Experimentation by YHT

YHT : concepts of experimental sound design for cinematic audio-experiences and Francois Sallé with Tatsumi Ryusui : free live experimentation with instruments and electronics between Noise and Ambient YHT is an artistic project in the field of electroacoustic sound experimentation. … Continue reading

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Show 309: Raw Audio Recording #1 by Gabi Schaffner

RAR – Raw Audio Recording #1 Gabi Schaffner/rawaudio/interdisciplinary artist In my work, I try to encourage communicaton, non-hierarchic perspectives and sharing. This is why I like the amalgamation of different media and the experimental shift of identity into/between different cultures. … Continue reading

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Show 293: Zen & Napalm by Ghazi Barakat

PHAROAH CHROMIUM  (mutant psych / kozmic blues / concrete jungle) New project from Ghazi Barakat (Boy from Brazil, Assassinations, Golden Showers).  Three sampling devices, too many effects and a little make-up. Machines as life support devices. A cardiopulmonary bypass playing … Continue reading

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Show 275: glorious mono

Berlin based artists, DJ Illvibe & Infinite Livez produced this radio piece for radia.fm. They combine electronic music, film tracks and experiments in sound for radio. http://infinitelivez.com/ http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_Illvibe

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Show 230: Flare by Eva Ursprung

Real Energy World / Niger Delta Since the 1960s, oil extraction by international corporations has been destroying the environment and ecological balance in the Niger Delta, and thus, the basis of life of the local population. The composition works with … Continue reading

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