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Show 373: THE TIME MACHINE – Ufos by Plastique de Rêve

Between live mix, sound collage and scientific experiment, “The Time Machine” explores the many dimensions of past and present day electronic dance music, quantum-jumping the barriers within the genre, blurring the lines between past, present and future, with its search-lights focused on the rare and unusual.

The test-pilot is Daze Dasen aka Plastique de Rêve, a swiss deejay and producer with releases on labels such as Gigolo, Turbo, DFA, Supersoul Recordings, Mental Groove or Space Factory Disques. Originally from Geneva but now a long-time Berlin resident, Plastique De Rêve’s fascination for electronic sounds goes back to his childhood in the 70s, and he has studied, produced and collected electronic music since 1984 up to this day.


radia season 28 – show #371 (radio x) – TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO: WINDTIME
– playing from may 7 to may 13, 2012 –


“Betrachten Sie einmal ein ganz populäres Diagramm, eine Wetterkarte. Die Linie, die ich mit meinem Finger nachziehe, zeigt die Bewegung des Barometers. […] Das Quecksilber hat doch offenbar die Linie in keiner der landläufigen Richtungen des Raumes gezogen? Aber ganz zweifellos zog es eine Linie, und diese Linie hat sich, so müssen wir schliessen, längs der Zeitdimensionen bewegt.”*

clocking windtime. not to draw a line along the dimensions of time. but to tear a hole into the latter.
listening closely to the ticks and tacks of winds and weathers, thunders and lightnings of bells and chimes, the whispers of clocks. timelines dissolving in the rain.

* quot. Egon Friedell: Die Rückkehr der Zeitmaschine. Zürich: Diogenes, 1974, pp. 13/14. [roughly transl.: “Just take a look at a really popular diagram, a weather map. The line I am following with my finger demonstrates the barometer’s movement. […] Obviously, the quicksilver has not drawn a line according to the general dimensions of space. Yet it has drawn a line – and thus, we have to conclude, this line has moved along the dimensions of time.”]

TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO is radio on time.
since summer 2010, TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO is one of the active mechanisms of the TIME BENDING CLOCK, a research project and tool looking at alternate theories and practices of measuring time, operating at the intersections of art, media, cultural history and the history of science.
find out more about the TIME BENDING CLOCK by visiting the TIME BENDING CLOCK WORK.


is a collaborative artistic research project at the intersections of ecology, art, and media,
taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems.
find out more about TIK at

this TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO production is based on fieldrecordings by the following artist and artists and sound collectors who generously released their pieces on unter a creative commons license – in detail:
a severe thunderstorm by martin lightning (including also storms from rhumphries); wind by black boe; wind chimes and creaking wood by smusounddesign; wind chimes by freed; water bubbles by suonho elements; clockworks by klangbeeld; a russian telegraph by microscopia; and a cuckoo clock by morgantj.
in addition to that, miss.gunst wishes to thank the following artists and sound collectors for additional material that has been used for the post-production of the show: bent grandfather’s clock based on the sound of a grandfather’s clock by digifish; wind created by ERH from freesound; and another time the cuckoo clock by morgantj. find out more about freesound at – great many thanks!
moreover, very special thx to tk!

radia production: miss.gunst [TBC radio + GUNST + radiator x]
production date: mai 2012
station: radio x, frankfurt am main (germany)
length: 28 min.
licence: cc-by-nc-sa TBC radio – –

additional info:
includes radia jingles (in/out), station and program info/intro (english)

radio x & radiator x:
GUNSTradio & TBC radio:

verena kuni (cc-by-nc-sa)

Show 370: what you doin’ tapin (radia edit) by Dani Gal & Achim Lengerer

British Artist William Furlong began a project of mapping the territory of contemporary art in a series of cassette editions. The Audio Arts project is a massive archive of intervies wirg artists ranging from Joseph Beuys to Tracey Emin, but also contains documents of world exibitions, symposia, festivals and many original acoustic works by artists. Furlong finds rgar his way of working – using sounds and voice as materials – is a sculptural and creative process. It arose from his intimate association with the recorded voice.
In 2007 artists Achim Lengerer and Dani Gal visited Furlong in his Audio Arts studio and recorded this sound piece as a reference to his body of work.

This Radia show is a special edit of Lengerer and Gal’s piece realized in 2007 for their project VOICEOVERHEAD. “Voiceoverhead” dealt with performative aspects of speech, sound documents and archived spoken language.

Any resemblance with Radia show 228 by radio x is accidental but undeniable.

Show 369: digging radio by orange 94.0


Yet another annoying piece of radio art?

In the beginning there was the paraphrase. Starting from the search for radio art events to be reproduced we ended up looking into landmarks of radio history in connection with art– hopping from its beginnings to the digital turn.

Listen to a simulation of history and how it is digged out of its holes.

Ironic reenactment of GX Jupitter-Larsens performance in a small bin. The small scoop produces the sound of a shovel.

A radia show by Kristina Fromm, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Fiona Steinert

supported by Barbara Kaiser, Karl Schönswetter, Sara Norris, Christine Schörkhuber und Judith Purkarthofer.

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Show 368: voxpop by XL AIR

This XL AIR production consists of a remix radio composition that builds on material used in RITS installations that were created for Bozar Night in November 2011. They both embrace the human voice as a musical instrument.

The first installation was created collectively by the students of the masterclass audio (Tomas Vogels, Simon Vandegracht and Renee Vermeire) and is based on a musical composition  that uses only the vowels of speech.

The other installation is called ‘Vozombrascimento’ and was created by Dieter Van Dam. The Portuguese words ‘voz’ (voice), ‘sombra’ (shadow) and ‘nascimento’ ( birth) form the name of this soundtrack consisting out of manipulated voice traces of a newborn human being.

A cry is the anticipated proof of new life. Not a breath. Not a song. Not a word. A cry. This installation was placed in a big echoing space that suggested a sonic shadow of the primordial human cry by using and manipulating recordings of a child’s s singing in his first year of life.

Show 366: ATC Mix by John Gough

ATC Mix is a compilation of interactions between pilots and air traffic controllers from airports across the globe. The conversations range from controllers directing traffic at Dublin, Rio de Janiero and Barbados Airports to UFO sightings, an air force pilot ejecting from his burning jet and Air Force One taxiing out of a closed Manchester airport.

This show is  about the sounds of the radios used between the planes and the towers as much as the transmitted conversations. The human voices, radio interference and alert tones are used as source material for a series of improvisations using tape and feedback loops, digital effects and synthesis to morph the sounds into rhythmic patters and melodies which morph into an alien soundscape.

This program was inspired by the work of Keith Phelan at and the people who take the time to stream all the traffic over at

This program was created by John Gough at Curious Broadcast.

No souls were injured in the making of this program.

Show 365: Kanal 103: 20 years of freedom!

Last year Kanal 103 celebrated 20 years of its first broadcast. Kanal 103 is important (terrestrial) radio station that determined the underground scene and the open mindedness in Skopje and beyond. Kanal 103 is the only non-commercial radio station in Macedonia with cult following among the audience. Transmitting since 1991, it’s promoting avant-garde music and ideas, and is responsible for the most important cultural transformations in the region. During its existence there were produced lots of jingles, radio pieces and short radio dramas with strong ideological and anti-state edge. In this honor we produced this audio collage as a homage to this past 20 years of independence, surfing through the history of the audio production. Kanal 103 – 20 years of freedom!

“The listener would recognise the programme because nobody else in Skopje plays music from Frank Zappa to post-rock and from Kraftwerk to modern techno.” prof. Rajko Muršič (University of Ljubljana)

“I think the radio station is one of my favouite places in the world, like a small satellite floating in space, beaming out joy from cold labyrinths of madness.” Daniel Potter (The White Funz)

Show 364: suite 106 by Gonçalo Alegria

suite 106

This piece is made in a specific environment, in an hotel room, with a set
of actions, being in a place and enjoying its monotonous nature. Hotel
rooms are not about being productive, they are made to numb you and force
you to rest. Because I travel a lot, and spending time alone inside this
type of rooms and out of boringness I started playing with it. The room
itself becomes something new, something that I can relate to. This kind of
set up consists of working with what you have available with you, for an
invisible performance where you play with sound and situation. Materials
used: double-bass bow, paper tape, bathroom, exhauster, glass, mineral
water, effervescent aspirin, tv set, shower doors, digital recorder Tascam
DR-100, headphones, water tap, ac unit, room phone and mobile phone.
The same kind of thing can be done inside the train toilet, but it is
riskier to set the recording gear and perform at the same time.

(Gonçalo Alegria was invited by Rádio Zero to produce Radia show #364)