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Show 908: The House Of Kinshasa Part 1 by Po B. K. Lomami (CKUT)

This is the outcome of a WhatsApp call between my parents in Belgium and me in Canada about the final chapter of their house in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They recalled how two Zairean Ph.D. students, who just … Continue reading

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Show 517: The Haystack by Michael Dean for CKUT 90.3 fm

“The Haystack” addresses modern practices for data gathering and surveillance, approached through the development of evolving sonic landscapes. Four chapters are compiled, each drawing from different methods of data monitoring, including tapped telephone calls, recorded conversation, the sonification of network … Continue reading

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Show 468: On Failure by James Goddard (Ckut Radio Montreal)

This episode of Radia focuses on concept of failure and its sources using radio art as its exploratory medium. Failure of technology, Failure of language, Failure of colonialism, Failure to induce laughter…ultimately, failure to fail and many more expressions of … Continue reading

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Show 444: CKUT Radio-Magic Smut Box

CKUT’s Audio Smut Radio Collective presented a sound art installation for Montreal’s Perverscité Festival this past August. They merged queer sex stories, both true and fictional, poems and spoken word pieces, recorded in audio form, or performed live. The results … Continue reading

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Show 419: CKUT : Montreal Tape Run

The Montréal Tape Run was a project spearheaded by crustacés tapes in collaboration with Berlin’s Staaltape, whose Berlin Tape Run series inspired the Montréal version. A cassette tape circulated from hand to hand across the island of Montréal in September … Continue reading

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Show 396: Mario Gauthier

Some Thing(s) from John Cage/ Quelque(s) Chose(s) de John Cage. Montréal based audio artist and independent researcher  Mario Gauthier performed an hour-long radiophonic piece containing excerpts of writings and compositions by John Cage for the occasion of his centennial on … Continue reading

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Show 372: Sound within sound: CKUT 90.3 fm

Radio is created where radio is listened to. Ckut’s Andrea Jane Cornell takes the listener out of conventional listening spaces and ways of thinking about hearing and listening. Using our on air broadcasting studio with its equipment as a complex … Continue reading

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Show 350: Magic Sound Mountain

On July 23rd, 2011 CKUT’s  Magic Sound Mountain Collective made a furtive ascent of Mount Royal and found a spot along one of the less trodden foot paths through the forest where they installed 6 hand made speakers that were … Continue reading

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(Image source) These are the clues – Follow the sound. Produced by Erin Weisgerber and Dominique Ferraton at CKUT Radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Featuring the voices of Kristopher Rosadiuk, Michael Pedruski, Erin Weisgerber and Dominique Ferraton.

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Show 310: Idea of North

The Idea of North Revisited. In 1967 Glen Gould, a famous Canadian pianist, produced a radio piece called “The Idea of North” for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  The original “Idea of North” consists of five overlapping interviews mixed with ambient noises and … Continue reading

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