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Radia Show 853 : FROM Z TO A by Aymeric de Tapol (π-node)

J’étais invité pour une pièce de théâtre afin d’enregistrer ce que vous allez entendre. C’est un plan séquence dans un abattoir d’Anderlecht à Bruxelles. Cette abattoir est loué par une centaine de petit concessionnaire, de petit éleveur d’animaux. Ils n’ abattent pas de poulet.

il y a 2 voix:

la voie hallal

la voie non hallal (porc)

De par sa situation géographique, cet abattoir représente un véritable enjeu social économique car il est situé dans la bordure du centre ville de Bruxelles. Tout le quartier en bénéficie ainsi que les boucherie de la ville.

Nous avons été guidé par une Anthropologue, dont le poste de travaille eu était commissionné par la commune d’ Anderlecht afin de réfléchir à la question du Vivant aux sein d’une ville, car d’habitude tout cela ce fait à l’extérieur des villes, voir très loin de la ville ….

Ce que ces sons ne disent pas, c’ est que les personnes qui y travaillent souffrent de trouble psychologique et physique permanent , des cauchemars liés à la mort et aux sang.

Enregistré par Aymeric de Tapol en 2018

For a theatre play I was invited to record what you are about to hear. It’s a sequence recording in a slaughterhouse in Anderlecht in Brussels. This slaughterhouse is rented by a hundred small dealers, small animal breeders They don’t slaughter chickens.

There are 2 voices:

the hallal way

the non-hallal way (pork)

Due to its geographical location, this slaughterhouse represents a real social and economic issue because it is situated on the edge of the city centre of Brussels. The whole neighbourhood benefits from it, as do the city’s butchers.

We were guided by an anthropologist, whose job was commissioned by the municipality of Anderlecht in order to reflect on these questions because usually all this is done outside the city, even very far from the city ….

What these sounds don’t say is that the people who work there suffer from permanent psychological and physical disorders, nightmares related to death and blood.

Recorded by Aymeric de Tapol in 2018

Aymeric de Tapol is an electronic musician and Sound-recordist, for film, art Video, documentary, radio, Dance performance.
He lives in Brussels. He played in the past in the wall of noise band ” ZOHO”and “Le cable de Feu”

He run the proto techno duo “CANCELLLED” with the Sound Artist Yann leguay.
His music his release by different label, Vlek, Lexi disques, Tanuki, A.V.A, Tanzproceszand Knotwilg record

site :

Show 828 by Sarah Brown for ∏ Node

!Make Some Domestic Noise! is a collective online performance created in the context of the covid-19 lockdown. It can be described as an online domestic noise big band. As everyone was isolated at home, ∏ Node launched the Antivirus program in order to train people to join this online community with their own stream and sounds.

Being alone at home can be stressful, but it can also reveal the beauty of everyday noises.

On a weekly basis, people were invited by email to participate by playing with the noises of their domestic set-up and live stream the result. These separate audio fluxes were then mixed in real time and sent to the main output stream. This was enabled by the ∏ Node site structure, which provides a volume button for every active stream. The website also has an IRC chat through which participants can, and did, directly interact.


A video artist and performer, Sarah Brown has been exploring video media since 1996 via analogue and computer-based devices. She began her work in the free party scene where she initiated the search for a language that links images and sounds. She has collaborated with many artists and dance and theatre companies (Cie Vent de Sable, Fabienne Gotusso, Hey! La Cie) and since 2015, has been part of the radio collective ∏ Node for whom she conceives participatory sound performances and produces various programmes.

Show 804: A Winter of Protests by Nicolas Montgermont (∏node)

Image: Annabelle Salvan

Last winter, France experienced the longest strike in its modern history. Launched in opposition to a pension reform project, the strikers’ demands very quickly joined the sectors already struggling in a deleterious socio-economic context: health, justice, university, transport, energy, arts, education and media converged in the streets with the  gilets jaunes  aka yellow vests that had been demonstrating and occupying roundabouts for more than a year. Many alliances were formed: lawyers took up the song of the yellow vests, strikers from Radio France investigated a strike by cleaning women, queer collectives defended a striking bus driver fired for homophobic insult, even artists joined the procession, that preceded the unions in the streets and formed the majority of the demonstrations. This social movement is a multitude that agrees on one thing: to get rid of Macron and his world. Only the containment due to the coronavirus will put an end to this political sequence, and the reform will finally be suspended.

This episode of Radia is a subjective attempt to put this moment in sound. Recordings made during demonstrations, sound creation and political reflections are mixed to illustrate the bubbling political atmosphere and sonic environment of this period.

Interventions: Judith Butler : « On Demonstrating Precarity » – 2015 Michel Foucault : « Interview at the Université Catholique of Louvain » – 1981 Michel Foucault : « Debate with Noam Chomsky on Human Nature » – 1971 Hakim Bey : « Waiting for Revolution » in T.A.Z – 1991, read by Stephanie Boubli & DinahBird

Thanks to : Léa Roger, Méryll Ampe, BSP Barbès, Miliani, Sarah, Lola.

Nicolas Montgermont is a sound and radio artist who explores the physicality of waves in its different forms. For more than 15 years, he has been designing artistic devices that explore the poetic essence of waves: reality of waves in a volume, vibration of materials, richness of invisible radio landscapes, musicality of noises, antenna sculpture, listening and broadcasting territory… and is currently developing a work on the links between radio-art and politics. He makes sound performances, installations, records and compositions, alone or in collaboration (chdh, Art of Failure, Cécile Beau, RYBN, Pali Meursault…) and participates in several sound and radio creation collectives (∏node, Yi King Operators, les Sons Fédérés, Jef Klak, l’Acentrale). His projects have been shown in many art centers, museums, concert halls and self-managed venues in Europe and elsewhere. He teaches sound and multimedia creation at the ENS Louis Lumière and at Paris 8.