Show 949: Midnight Echoes by proxy_404 (radioart106)

Midnight Echoes: A Sonic Journey Through Overthinking

Midnight Echoes explores the theme of overthinking in silence, delving into the sounds that haunt restless nights. It combines samples, field recordings and experimental techniques on DJ decks. The piece consists of four parts, each representing different aspects of overthinking. The first section sets the foundation of the piece, representing the hypnagogic state as fragmented memories and snippets of conversations. The insomnia presents itself in the second section that delves into an inner monologue, where racing thoughts and self-doubt intertwine. The soundscapes transition between calm moments of introspection and frenetic bursts of chaotic energy, reflecting the ebb and flow of overthinking. Sonic elements overlap and collide and heighten the sense of restlessness until the final section introduces a shift towards tranquility. The journey transitions from dissonance to harmony and ends in acceptance and finding peace within the chaos of overthinking. 

The overall aim is to offer a cathartic and introspective experience, inviting listeners to confront their own inner dialogues and find solace within the power of sound. 

proxy_404 is a multifaceted artist hailing from Berlin, Germany, with a captivating blend of Ukrainian-Russian and Turkish heritage. As a psychotherapist, DJ, radio host, and community events organizer, they find inspiration in the intricate workings of the mind and the depths of human emotions. 

proxy_404 fearlessly explores music, pushing boundaries and embracing experimentation. Their sonic landscapes resonate with raw emotion, thriving on the unexpected and the beauty of imperfections. As a DJ, their carefully curated sets transcend genres, captivating audiences with thought-provoking experiences. Their role as a radio host extends their reach, sharing diverse shows and fostering a supportive community. As a psychotherapist, proxy_404 navigates emotions, providing a safe space for exploration and healing. Their art and community work combine music, psychology, and human connection, continuously challenging conventional norms to inspire personal and collective growth. 

Image by Till Rückwar

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