Show 943: Ritournelle, a live performance by EauChaude (for Jet FM)

Performance live d’EauChaude (

avec :
ritournelle, déambulation, lecture, voix, réminiscence, chant, fanfare, bruits , fondu, sans attendre et ailleurs
sources :
Ste Soline (79), logiciel Ibniz et
with :
ritornello, wandering, reading, voice, reminiscence, singing, fanfare, noises, fading, without waiting and elsewhere
sources :
Ste Soline (79), Ibniz software and
img : 25mars2023

Show 942: “Abstürze/Crashes” – Radia Version by Mark Kanak (for Radio Helsinki)

“Abstürze/Crashes” – Radia Version by Mark Kanak

Mark Kanak – Poems & electronic sound structures

Rex Joswig – Voice, loops & final mixing

Tone Avenstroup & Susan Atkins –
Additional voices

A Kanak & Joswig Production for Radio Helsinki, 2023

Rex Joswig liest Gedichte (Deutsch/Englisch) von Mark Kanak aus “Abstürze”, 2006. // Rex Joswig reads poems in German and English by Mark Kanak from “Crashes,” 2006.

Show 941: “Dead Cat Bounce” by Waste Paper Opera (for Resonance)

A live performance of improvised and reimagined music and text from the project “Dead Cat Bounce” – a collaborative performance work by Gary Zhexi Zhang and Waste Paper Opera, telling tales of time, money and the unmaking of reality in the wake of catastrophe. The original piece unfolds over five vignettes, blurring the lines between capitalism and ritual, finance and nature, belief and manifestation. The original score merges the Baroque music of Niccolò Jommelli and J.S.Bach with mimetic improvisation, choral rounds, synthpop and the textures of public speaking. “Dead Cat Bounce” takes the form of an oratorio, a medium of vocal performance used to deliver a sacred narrative.

Music by James Oldham. Text by Gary Zhexi Zhang and Klara Kofen. Violin – Chihiro Ono; drums – Cameron Graham; additional performer/band leader – James Oldham; banker/reader – Klara Kofen; banker/Namazu – Gary Zhexi Zhang; Mezzo soprano (Jeremiah) – Suzie Purkis; Baritone (Real Estate Agent of Miami) – Themba Mvula; chorus – Jacob Bolton, Keir Cooper, Gabriella Demczuk, Klara Kofen, Livvy Lynch, Themba Mvula, James Oldham, Suzie Purkis, Gary Zhexi Zhang. Thanks to Resonance Extra, Milo Thesiger-Meacham and Travis Yu.

Waste Paper Opera is an experimental music theatre collective currently based in London. Defining “Waste Paper” as any found text with the potential for recontextualisation, we write music, build structures, make costumes, and write stories using Waste Paper.

Show 940: Born With Pain (Kanal 103)

Photo by Jelena Belikj

The episode is an audio recording of the performance “Confutatis – What are the heroes made of?”, premiered on 28.10.2022 in Prishtina, Kosovo, as part of the  Manifesta 14, the European Nomadic Biennial. It’s been slightly edited for the purposes of the format.

“Why do some people become heroes and others not? What kind of shining lights do we need, and of what might they be made? Skopje-based artist Velimir Zernovski joins forces with the Physical Performative Theater ensemble to explore these and other questions around the politics of power, marginalization and belonging. Instigated by Biljana Dimitrova, the performance enacts rituals of mourning for the living beings we have lost and are losing, many of them through neglect.”

“Confutatis – what are heroes made of?” is a performance by Velimir Zernovski in collaboration with Kolektiv Veternica & Trisomija 21, both from Skopje.

Music by Joana Risteska & Filip Mitrov, based on the motifs of the Macedonian traditional folk song “I Was Born With Pain” (So maki sum se rodila).

Photo by Jelena Belikj

Recorded and edited by Gjorgji Janevski


In loving memory of Filip Mitrov