Show 939: “TstBd” by Christopher Booth for Soundart Radio

“TstBd” was a ritual performance carried out December 9th 2021 in Studio 1, Dartington Hall. Utilizing sound, radio feedback, video & ritual a spell was cast, the results of which are as yet indeterminate.

The Test Bed was a performance created in response to a critical investigation into Dartington Hall, its history, pedagogical legacy and the landscape and people who live and have lived in and around the estate. The title was taken from a board annual report for the Dartington Trust in which it was stated “Dartington should be a test bed for a just and sustainable future” Indeed, the sigil used ritually in this piece is conceived from this premise. The work is a celebration of craftmanship, egalitarianism, the landscape of Dartington Hall and a call to remember its history as a catalyst for experimentation and exploration of radical ideas.

“It brought to mind fluxus performances from the 60’s and seemed to symbolize a revisiting of Dartington’s history although the involvement of radios in the space and the knowledge that this was being broadcast on Soundart radio brought the focus into the present. An experimental practice-based project which was professional, engaging and displayed a rigorous performative approach and inventive use of research material.”
– Dr Jo Joelson (London Fieldworks)

The audio is also available in conjunction with the video footage from the performance here – The Test Bed – YouTube

Show 938: “Everything has changed already” by Isa Stragliati (for Radio Campus Bruxelles)

Everything has changed already
A radio piece by Isa Stragliati

A close friend sent me a voicemail from afar during a difficult time. Improvised vinyl mix with music and sounds by Fripp & Eno, Multer, Reznicek, Pierre Henry, C-Schultz & Hajsch, Bergen, Institut Für Feinmotorik, Reuber, Eliane Radigue & more

Artistic support and curation for Radio Campus Bruxelles : Carine Demange

All my love and gratitude to Paulo Dantas

Isa Stragliati is sound artist, radio producer, composer and dj. Coming from the visual arts, she turned to the sound medium in 2002 through DJing, as an extension of her approach of the film editing (under the moniker Rescue). She then practiced numerous aspects of radio production before reconciling it with her creative work.
Her productions and live performances, involving field recording as much as documentary, concrete music or techno, are broadcasted on international networks and national radios, during international festivals and events and in contemporary art centres.
Her radio piece “Le feu qui ne s’arrête jamais” (The fire that never stops) won first prize in the international competition 60 Seconds Radio in 2019.

Show 937: Poekoe |Luminy’s students for Radio Grenouille-Euphonia


Pièce collective réalisée par les étudiants de l’école des Beaux Arts de Marseille Luminy lors du workshop Grenouille-Euphonia “Sculpter la radio ?”

Instruments fabriqués avec des végétaux ou matériaux de récupération, jeux aux micros et recherche du geste qui fait son…
Sculpter la vibration comme une matière ?


Collective piece created by the students of the School of Fine Arts of Marseille Luminy during the workshop Grenouille-Euphonia “Sculpt the radio ?”

Instruments made with plants or reclaimed materials, playing with microphones and searching for the gesture that makes sound…
Sculpting vibration as a material ?



Show 936: disembodied paths by Joana de Sá (Rádiozero)

Walking alone generates embodied comprehension through non-intentional encounters with the dynamics of specific places, especially remote conversations. This is a personal interpretation of sound and conversations in which, I non deliberately, solely, insert myself.

Cellos – Louis Wilkinson

Joana de Sá (2001) is a Portuguese sound artist from Viseu. In his work, she seeks to explore textural sounds, derived from field recordings, articulated with phrases made from guitar, synthesizer or voice.
After loose themes released on Soundcloud’s personal profile, in 2022 he released the album “Shatter” by the Portuguese Sirr-ecords, having presented and collaborated on sound pieces for the festival “Radio Art Zone” or at the Champalimaud Foundation, in collaboration with several artists about Metamersion II.