Show 241: Tarikh Korula NY Art Book Fair

This Radia show from free103point9 in New York comes from Tarikh Korula’s performance Sat. Oct. 3 at the NY Art Book Fair sponsored by the Printed Matter book store at P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in Queens. Korula says of the performance: “I’ve always been too cheap to collect vinyl. Instead, over the past decade, I’ve amassed an eclectic mix of sound files that I’ve used in installation and improvised performance. For the Book Fair show, I’m using two turntables and a broken crossfader to que, mix and manipulate sound from my quirky archive. Sounds include brown noise, EMS dispatches, contact mic recordings of buildings, personal compositions, reappropriated media and archival news and radio reports. The hope is to create a spartan and at times dense collage of sound, documentation and fiction.”

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