Show 220: 0°1533

0°1533 is an experimental project based on the search of space and sound matter. The project was initiated early in 2009 by way of performance work carried out by Gabriel Tapia, Gustavo Riego and José Luis Macas, all students attending the Art In The Public Space (AEsP) workshop of the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The project’s main axis centres on the relationship between sound matter and visual plasticity, having recourse to scenic devices through the use of video and sound; plus the deployment, in premises where they are being diffused, of installations consisting of objects, instruments or machines producing sounds as well as visual and interactive props. The project uses improvisation as a (renewable) evolving construction. This introduces the notion of unlimited movement through progressive deployment, and engenders a constant “transmutation”. There is no pre-defined model. A minimum of common sounds is devised, acting purely as inductive filters. The notion of repetition is abolished here through the renewal, or constant transformation, of sound and visual motions. To enhance this dynamism, the project can interact with other artistic disciplines through different interventions based on new parameters. In parallel with the above, 0°1533 takes a social and political stance while maintaining its commitment towards the notion of “useful” art.

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