Show 219: Closing Down by GilbertandGrape

During 2009 GilbertandGrape are closing down, reprocessing all their things and returning the Moose to the Sunset. As we do this we invite you to join us on the Radia broadcast to take part in drawing exercises. On the special Radia broadcast we will draw one of our things together with our radio broadcast audience. We will then pass the object into our local economy for further use by giving it to our nearest thrift store.

GilbertandGrape will sketch the object in front of the microphone. Making the drawing on a chart ruled off into many squares. Radio listeners provide themselves with a similar chart and when GilbertandGrape announce the line is going through a certain numbered square the listners can then duplicate this on their own grid.


1x A4 paper with 3cm grid (DOWNLOAD HERE or draw your own)

1x pencil

Each drawing exercise takes approx 15mins.

Post us your drawings

Closing Down c/o gilbertandgrape, Soundart Radio, The Gallery, Dartington, Devon, TQ9 6EJ, UK or email them to

gilbertandgrape is a collaborative project between Helen Pritchard (UK) and Anne-Marte Eidseth Rygh (N). Established in 2003 the artists share a background in performance writing at Dartington College of Arts, UK. GilbertandGrape work within a genre they call performance journalism. The work often takes the form of videos, performance, texts and off-line/online work which explores a longing to collaborate with each other and the people we meet. We make practical and collaborative explorations of the idea of Artist as Reader/ Audience As Reader. Epic actions, amateurish events and gigantic endeavours which share authority with readers in pursuit of disrupting the social roles of reader and writer/artist. The work is driven by a desire to connect with others. It engages with ideas of ‘liveness’ and physical presence/absence. Using the body as the mode of perceiving scale from symmetry and balance, to the grotesque and disproportionate. Central to this is the idea of subjectivity of perspective and the individuality of viewpoint. The contemplation on ideas (especially in relation to technology) and concepts which without the body have no scale of reference. These thoughts surface in performance action/rituals and live reading/writing
We have shown work internationally since 2003 most recently include transmodernage (USA), KISSS, conical gallery (Australia) and Rogaland Kunst Senter (Norway). We recently published a field note book of the three year durational performance Lone Ranging Romance in How2 magazine.

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