Show 218: Disasteroid by Floriane Pochon

This piece might sound a bit “spaced out”, we give you that.
Still, this is for Radia and everything is allowed, even this “sound collage” that strain our ears to a sky all-sewn with fantasies, science and poetry.

28 minutes to listen to an open space and all the things that man can project to the stars, with his mind, fictions and technological means.
28 minutes to carry you into a state of deep meditation where the body seems to float in a strange fluid ?

Including (in disorder of appearance) : Sound waves arranged in a pattern designed to stimulate a âpleasure centerâ in the brain and induce an “astral projection”, a concert of pulsar frogs from outer space, scientific words (Hubert Reeves, article about Jupiter from the Scientist, etc), movies samples ( It cames from outer space, Flesh Gordon, etc), quote from Stockhausen, musical material slighty distorted (Francois bayle, Stockhausen, D. Day, J. Brown, D. Bowie, Casper the friendly ghost, etc), archives (Appollo IX launching, UFO’ encounters, “Pluto, the dwarf Planet : interview with an astrologer”, etc)

Guest stars :
* Olivier Apprill (Walt Whitman’s poem)
* Nelly Flecher, Julie de Muer, Anton Matéo, Bernard Llopis, Bertille Puissat, Bangkok’s frogs, etc, etc (laughs)
* Xavier Thomas (article from Science & Vie, about the milky way)
* Hubert Reeves

By Floriane Pochon, with Tony Regnauld.