Show 179: Orange = happiness, enthusiasm, dignity, prosperity

Orange = happiness, enthusiasm, dignity, prosperity. This is the colour that radiates optimism, stimulates activity, appetite, and encourages socialization. In the search of other symbolic meanings of the orange colour , I realised that the black box is in fact orange. Hence, this concept is directly taken from the aeronautical use of the device that commonly is known as a black box, which records the audio environment within the flight deck of an aircraft and it is only used for the purpose of investigating an airplane accident. Here the black box replica has the same purpose, only it is used in a different context. Positioned in jardinière in the city square Macedonia, it recorded the sounds from its immediate vicinity. Noise, rustle, sounds of footsteps, words, conversations, thoughts… Those are the sounds that should be read as signs when posing the questions and giving the answers regarding the “fall” of a society and its lost values, as well as perceiving the human role in that process. This piece does not play on the presumption that this society has already fallen, but uses its means for observation of the society in order to detect its state.

The black box was positioned and initialized on November 1st 2007 at 13:44:25h. On November 8th at 16:35:16 it was switched off. This transcript represents the last 31 minutes before its switching off.