Show 076: sonictags

Since the current Radia Show is aired on the week of our Radio Territories conference: Media-Space-Society, our contribution is a mix of works produced for the 2nd Budapest RT workshop, featuring soundscapes by listeners and community radio broadcasters.
Our working group consisted of Tilos and other local community radio broadcasters, who – along with listeners set out to artistically conquer the Budapest airwaves with their small radio transmitters and special contents.
It is a mix of excerpts from works by Tamás Opitz (listener, videoartist) using Spanish language political speeches, Tomanek (Tilos broadcaster) walking in the rain with Grace Jones, Tamás Kenderes (listener, electric engineer) reinterpreting the great War of the Worlds and Gabriel Dubuc (listener, intermedia artist) recording the atmosphere of a local Spanish language nursery school and a singing fest.

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