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Show 178: by Rui Chaves

Zero brings Rui Chaves. In his own words “I live in Lisbon. Between January and February, and within the Sonic Arts Laboratory cem HZ ( c.e.m-centro e movimento) in which i participated as a tutor, i was in different areas in this town, recording its different soundscapes. The work that is going to be transmitted consists in the editing and construction of a Sonic voyage, trough this different places.”

Show 177: 2 pieces by Aymeric de Tapol

1 AIR / WATER / FIRE, 2006/2008, 18 min.

“This first piece is a mix of different field recordings made with different microphones in different places between 2006 and 2008, like on the top of the church of Strasbourg, inside the corner of a house on the Atlantic french west coast, in the Vosges mountains(France), under the ceiling in Toulouse, in a book shop in Dashanzi (beinjing,china), and outside in Germany.”

2 MECHANICAL WATER, 2008, 10 min.

“The second Piece is a field recording in front of the BROOKLYNN MUSEUM in New York city.”

Aymeric de Tapol

Show 176: Voices and Pieces

A mosaic of different sound of human voices, found and recorded. Field recordings from the festival in Velka nad Velickou, east Moravia, made in July 2008 serves as a patch for experiment on the globalisation phenomen. The festival is one of few in Czech republic, where local folk culture plays a key role. We have set up a virtual encounter of traditional Moravian music with different ethnic groups { Siberia, Schotland, Australia, etc], both recorded or found on the interent.

Show 175: How far from home are we?

An Illustrated Radio Journey By Anna Keleher and Claire Long Journey Collaborators, Rebecca Beinart, Claire Long and Anna and Mark Keleher.
Based on a journey from the UK to Helsinki and back by land and sea, the “illustrated radio journey” sits somewhere between sound art and travel documentary.

Based on a journey from the UK to Helsinki and back by land and sea, the “illustrated radio journey” sits somewhere between sound art and travel documentary. On-site recordings, ambient sounds, creative reflection and narration are woven together to give the listener glimpses of the experiences of the journey. Collaborative drawings and tally-sticks also created on the journey provide a visual counterpart to the radio piece. The illustrated radio journey lives on the web at and through a series of coordinated installations and radio broadcasts.

Visit the Radio Journey Project website at:

Claire Long and Anna Keleher have been collaborating since October, 2007. Their collaborative practice arose from shared interests in archaeology, Dartmoor, walking and sound collection and has evolved through continued exploration of place, site-specific and sound-based works.

Show 174: Grenade

Grenade : une pièce phonographique à partir des marches expérimentales des associations Medit. en Andalousie.

Captations : robin R., carole Lorthiois et Unuagist.

Finalisation : robin R. et étienne Noiseau.

Composition : robin R. et Unuagist.

« Grenade est une ville
Grenade est un fruit
Grenade est un explosif…

Grenade devient pour moi une pièce phonographique: la source d’une joie immense, une adresse à des amitiés aériennes… il me sera toujours difficile d’en parler tant de sentiments se sont mêlés à ce voyage exotérique ! Je sais qu’il y a quelque chose de déterminant là-dedans, de tragique. J’espère qu’il ne s’agit pas d’un paradis perdu…. Soulevons-nous ! -criait cet homme dans son porte-voix, avant que la police espagnole l’embarque devant la sortie d’une église, face à une population muselée, incapable de le défendre. »