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Show 0805: DIVersa_Nula by Thelmo Cristovam (Rádio Zero)

DIVersa_Nula – Thelmo Cristovam (2020) As a sound artist living in brazil, i bear in mind the idea of broadcasting. Distances spray along different lines and overlapping spatial identities. but there are fixed spaces which identity and segment this vast … Continue reading

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Show 804: A Winter of Protests by Nicolas Montgermont (∏node)

Last winter, France experienced the longest strike in its modern history. Launched in opposition to a pension reform project, the strikers’ demands very quickly joined the sectors already struggling in a deleterious socio-economic context: health, justice, university, transport, energy, arts, … Continue reading

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Show 803: CROWN (Radio Papesse + USMARADIO)

It has been many months now that we’ve all been asking ourselves : how’s life in the time of viruses? The answers have been constantly changing and probably still will. During the long months of lockdown in Italy, Radio Papesse … Continue reading

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Show 802: cancelled

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Show 801: Control (Radio ARA)

Control – stories of epilepsy +++ Warning: THIS AUDIO CONTAINS HIGH-PITCHED FREQUENCIES! If you suffer from musicogenic seizures, you may find this content disturbing. +++ Control is a sonic journey through stories of people living with epilepsy. The composition was … Continue reading

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