Show 256: the nocturnal state of the city by Dimitar Dodovski

This piece of radia composition is made of lofi noises, crackles and subtle dubscapes which from the artists view depict the nocturnal state of the city. Inside the house where hums and noises from electronic appliances are generated and outside where distant sounds occupy space, reverbed voices from insomniacs, lovers and lonesome whistlers fill in the silence.

Dimitar Dodovski (Born 1980, Bitola/Macedonia)
authors expressive, melodic music distinguished by synthetic warmth and subtle, miniturized percussion. With an extensive knowledge of electronic music, his productions evoke a diverse range of influences from atmospheric dub to meticulous micro-house.

Show 255: ahoy! ahoy!

Orange 94.0 featuring new radia member Radio Helsinki
Introductory show by Martin Pichler and Max Höfler.

“Ahoy! Ahoy!” these are the words that are considered to be the first words that were transmitted by telephone. The composition analyzes different communication systems and information flows. The piece was first performed on the internet via digital transmission. So the two performers acted as a sender and a receiver at the same time. Afterwards the tracks had been transformed into a special form to accommodate the communication structure of radio.

Show 254: the unheard

Program themed ‘the unheard’ consisting out of 3 smaller parts.

Part 1: Retool Radio
Collage of ephemeral sounds recorded on the Retool Radio research night.

In December 2009 a number of artists were invited to investigate the space where radio can meet performance. Lilia Mestre is a choreographer who ended up in radiophonic spheres through her
antipathetic study of emotions in the performance arts. She’s looking
for ways to resist the dominant visual identification process and the
crystallization of meaning and narrative. As a choreographer she comes
from the theatre of movement and bodies to enter the theatre of sound
and nobodies. Nico Dockx is a visual artist, obsessed with data and archives. In one of his works he investigates the relation between sound and architecture. His film is suggesting that it’s not us, humans, who communicate, but communication itself, as Luhmann already pointed out. Who (or what) is sending? Who (or what) is receiving? Who (or what) is answering? Joris Van Damme is a former RITS student who won the Prix Europa for his fiction play ‘Ik zal het u vertellen’. Inspired by Ulysses, the piece was built up entirely of oral elements. Philosopher Samuel Ijsseling introduced the production. Dennis Tyfus, also a visual artist, ended the Retool Radio night with hidden guerrilla radio in quadraphonic setup.

The selected part contains a voice that was only broadcasted on the outside of the building and was unheard by the audience. Other sounds are mostly unintended, unheard or neglected bastard sounds from that evening, speech defaults, technical defaults etc. recycled, looped and edited. Some sounds are stolen from the talks or productions (for example the drumming).

Part 2: Servox
2 students (Elke Plancke & Eva Daeleman) looked to find the (unheard)
intonation of people deprived from their biological voice. People with
voice aids tend to have a very monotonous intonation. Through technical gimmicks they hoped to give them back some musicality. An extract of their search.

Part 3: Sample Minds
3 students (Joris Lenaerts, Vincent Van Reysseghem & Mathias Lewis)
are looking for the unheard in sample music. This fragment contains an
analysis of the samples used in ‘Voodoo People’ by The Prodigy

Show 253: RADIO WORM for Resonance104.4fm

In December 2009 the WORM STUDIO organised a ‘philosophical’ workshop about field recordings.
We invited Derek Holzer & Justin Bennett to tell their side of the story, told our side of the story as well (nothing is true, everything is permitted, etc.) and let all the workshop members work in the WORM studio to complete their pieces. And the results were great! So we had to shorten the pieces a bit to fit them in this RADIO WORM number 120, Radia edition.
And that’s the other side of the story; the Electronic/Experimental Radio monthly ‘RADIO WORM’ exists for 10 years now. And we never missed a beat! (never looked for it). So starting in January 2000 we come now to number 120, and we’re very proud to present this to the Radia Network.