Show 103: STRANGE AID by Michael Fischer

STRANGE AID is created with a rudimentary setup of 2 – 5 soundgenerators (which are: headphones, microphones and turntables), recorded in a broadcasting-studio this work can also be seen as a contribution to the basic research on electroacoustic music production.
The main aim of STRANGE AID is to convey electroacoustic contents via a series of radio-broadcasts where the method of producing this contents is explained live on air to the listeners. The radio shows where this happens (which Michael Fischer is doing since 1999) main contents are: improvised music, new music, ethnic music and electroacoustic music production.
The incalculability of the result of the sound production needs a high measure of the ability taking risk. Feedbacks are to a certain amount always incalculable. This challange offers on the other hand the possibility to find new musical and technical associations.
This experimentation series is not only a new defintion of a yet predisposed field (the mixing desk as connection between moderator and audience), it is also a contribution to the findings of feedback mechanisms in the electroacoustic compositional/improvisational content production, and an attempt to discuss the politico-social connotations of this method:
– Which effects do have systematic or arbitrary changings of the system parameters on the possibilities of reaction of the current systems interrelations?
– Which criterias of stability do have excalated systems?
(Michael Fischer)

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