Show 100: Things Got Legs by Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz

Three excepts from interviews from Bua and Bercowetz’s recent show “Things Got Legs” at Derek Eller Gallery in New York.

For this installment the featured authors and filmmaker will be:
* Peter Levenda, Author of Unholy Alliance (a history of Nazi involvement with the Occult) and a three-volume book Sinister Forces (a Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft) discusses a trip he made down to Chile in 1979 in search of the Nazi run Colonia Dignidad.
*William H. Kennedy author of Lucifer’s Lodge (Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church) and Satanic Crime (a Threat in the New Millennium) talks about how he came to write his book after a tip from father Malachi Martin.
* Bart Sibrel a filmmaker who’s documentary, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon seriously questions the authenticity of the Apollo moon missions, talks about his transition from being one of Apollo’s biggest fans as a child to one of their biggest doubters as an adult.

Show 099: Retro-Sono-Grafia I

First part of a personal de-archiving project.How long ago did you listen to that recording you made in 2000 in mountains. When was the last time you heard that composition you made for theater five years ago? We usually do not look into personal archives of any kind very often but when we do we are often surprised with what we find there.

Retro-Sono-Grafia is an attempt of three sound collectors and creators to sink into their archival CDs, DVDs, hard drives, minidiscs and other media, find forgotten/interesting/weird stuff and try to blend it creatively with what others have found..
The found material varies from compositions and musical tracks to field recordings, found materials or even interviews or sound trash.

The show was edited from a live two-hour improvised sound conversation. There is no spoken word left on the final version except for few words and sentences that function more like an addition to sound atmospheres than commentaries. The result is a mix of more than six years of sound collecting – a sound-time-scape…

Show 098: A Journey Through Found Sound by Sanyi

– a trip through languages on all sorts of vehicles –
a mix by Sanyi from the literary show Irodalmi lépegetö at Tilos Radio.Mainly English and French archival sound with some Hungarian and Welsh here and there – mixed with music.
Starting with Nina Simone’s French rendering of Ne me quittez pas on the musical front, and Eliot’s Family Reunion on the textual, it plunges into a verbal mix of radio-history, a trip to London – with both Big Ben songs being Hungarian jazz compositions from the sixties – however unlikely it may sound. With Fernand a Londres we switch into French, and fly on with their version of the Apollo 11 trip to arrive back on the Earth with the help of Nicole Louvier. We land in Barcelona, and take an oldschool automobile just to arrive in the office of gangbusters in chicago. And we say good bye with Ella scatting Good Enough to Keep – just to make sense of this jumble of communication forms. (And don’t worry, the only Hungarian you can hear is spoken by some German friends of mine)

Irodalmi Lépegetö is the Sunday afternoon literary show at Budapest’s Tilos Radio, usually using Hungarian texts with different styles of music corresponding to the atmosphere of the spoken word. Also organising live events with writers performing to musical and visual background.

Show 097: Apocalypso – The Cosmic War Dance of Sun Ra’s Army

Apocalypso: The Cosmic War Dance of Sun Ra’s Army of Athropodial Transistors.

Peter Dennet, (UK), Darius James (USA/DE), Karl Heinz Jeron (DE)

When the composer and mystic, Sun Ra, returned to his native Saturn on May 30th, 1993, he left behind a vast and varied body of recorded musical works. Up until now, much of this music has been unavailable to the public. But, through a series of séances conducted in the studios of Radio 1:1, Mister Re informed us that on Sunday, July 30th, 2006, between the hours of 4-6 pm, he will be returning to this planet in astral form with a special message for the people of earth. And he will not be alone. He will be accompanied by his army of Athroploidal Transistors:

“We are going to invade Berlin!!!” he chuckled, “This is declaration
of war! Kreig, baby! Our first target is the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz!
My weapons?!! Two full hours of sonic assault—or acoustical magic–taken from my vast library of unreleased recordings. I and my Transistors will dance the cosmic dance. The cosmic WAR dance. It’s the Apocalypso!

–A direct spirit communication from Sun Ra on Saturn

Peter Dennet, Art Yard (UK) is sound artist based in London.
Darius James (USA/DE) is a writer and radio maker in Berlin.
Karl Heinz Jeron (DE) is an artist and programmer in Berlin.

Radio Vehicles:
The working environment of the radio vehicles is the urban public
space. Radio vehicles is an ephemeral urban intervention aiming to usurp urban space artistically. Twenty vehicles created from the
simplest and most affordable technical equipment will be let free into the wild. The swarm moves awkwardly while emitting sound into the public space.

Aliens Am Alex:
a radio.territories urban intervention that took place in Berlin in the short hot summer of 2006 at the TV tower….