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Show 094: The Devil and Mr. O

The Devil and Mr. O – Revolt of the Worms

A classic of American broadcasting with reknown sound effects for horrific programs! Oboler lost no time establishing himself as the new master of the macabre after taking over Cooper’s Lights Out series. Between May 1936 and July 1938, he wrote and directed more than 100 Lights Out plays. To follow Cooper was a challenge: he was “the unsung pioneer of radio dramatic techniques,” but Oboler had passed the test with his first play. His own name soon became synonymous with murder and gore, though horror as a genre had always left him cold. Oboler aspired to more serious writing.

Oboler’s shows are well represented — this series of Lights Out was syndicated in The Devil and Mr. O offerings of 1970 – 73. A transcribed syndication of original broadcasts from 1942 – 43 with Arch Oboler as the host.

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Show 084: DAIRO at the Gasometer Oberhausen in Germany

This live recording was made at the KlangLangWelle event which was a Resonance104.4fm intervention as part of the radio.territories project.
21 master students from the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede were equipped with portable radios to create a live mix of a specially prepared soundtrack which was broadcast to them through a small FM transmitter. All this happened in the tallest venue in Europe with the most extreme acoustics, the 117m high and 68m wide gasometer in Oberhausen.
DAIRO performers were: Adamantia Nika, Anna Korteweg, Astrid Marit, Bani Bannwar, Chris Meighan, Dagmar Kriegesmann, Danielle Davidson, Emily Williams, Iris Tenkirk, Jae-min Kim, Jolanda Jansen, Julien Grossmann, Kamilla Szejnoch, Kevin Immanuel, Kristina Koskentola, Machteld Aardse, Meiyu Tao, Paula Bugni, Pavlina Verouki, Sonia Ribeiro, Tatia Skhirtladze.
Idea and production of the event and this show: Sarah Washington + Knut Aufermann (mobile radio)

Show 074: My Foolish Machine by Caroline Kraabel

Caroline Kraabel presents a study of her foolish machine – the saxophone. Eight players with their saxophones of varying sizes are asked to present their foolish machines to the unsuspecting listener, what they can do and what they like to do with it. The results are multilayered. Besides Caroline one can hear amongst others Lol Coxhill on the soprano and Tony Bevan on the bass saxophone. Produced by Caroline Kraabel with help from Martin Williams

Show 048: by Sarah Washington

This show is the end result of a process that entailed thinking a lot about hunger. It is a constructed audio collision, on the one hand an improvised concert by the Tape Beatles and Tonic Train, on the other a distracted voice, distilled from a roll call of world famines.
Produced by Sarah Washington

Show 040: Dead by Dawn by Tom Wallace

Radia Season 5 show 1 (Radia 40) from Resonance FM
Dead by Dawn
This radio piece by Tom Wallace deals with clinical reports of people (mainly young drug abusers) who die whilst in hospital. The reading of their unfortunate medical histories is underscored with an electronic music composition made from hospital noises. The piece has been played once on Resonance fm, but was hidden in a larger programme due to the sensitivity of the theme.

Show 030: framework by patrick mcginley

framework is a show consecrated to field recording, and its use in composition. this edition (constructed specially for the radia network) brings you a one-hour continuous soundscape consisting entirely of untreated field recordings from the host’s collection, and culminates with the premiere of a recent composition (which shares its name with the program), ‘framework 1’.

for more information, see framework’s website at http://www.resonancefm.com/framework.