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Show 195: Mixing Borders

Listening to the radio is like traveling and when you travel you cross borders. How does it sound when you mix borders? Borders on your map, borders in your head. Enjoy a cup of tea, or a good cognac, while listening to Mixing Borders.

Produced by Selma Gültoprak, Keiko Takahashi, David Hahlbrock, Franziska Windisch, Julia Weißenberg and Oliver Salkic.

This show is one of the outcomes of the Airtime seminar at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. http://www2.khm.de/airtime/

Show 180: Imagination Unlimited – The Leicester Tape Recording Club by Mark Vernon

The past is often said to be a foreign country. This programme features audio postcards from some of the inhabitants. The Leicester Tape Recording Club was a club for tape recording enthusiasts active in the sixties and seventies. Like a latter day Mass Observation, amateur radio producers and documentary makers sometimes unintentionally captured the minutiae of a now surreal suburbia. A forgotten world of bri-nylon, briar pipes and tank-tops met an arcane society who spoke of tape-speeds and soldering irons. ‘Imagination Unlimited’ takes a nostalgic and humorous look at the club and its members. Ex-members memories wow and flutter like their disintegrating reel-to-reel recordings. This is a story not just of a club but a community, a community of hobbyists, amateurs and charming personalities who captured otherwise long extinct phenomena like ‘The Golden Wonder Boy’. Memories are made of hiss…

Produced by Mark Vernon for meagre resource productions.

Show 166: Deep, Down and Under by Jean-Philippe Renoult

“Deep, Down and Under” is a contemplative audio work that plays with the natural resonances of underground spaces. The piece begins in the main station of Helsinki where the icy cold sharpness of Winter amplify the comings and goings of the trains. From there we are taken to a number of diverse sonic locations; from the empty metro tunnels of Oslo, down to the subterranean underpaths of Montreal, through the 18 km labyrinth of Gallo-Roman chalk vaults in the champagne cellars in Reims, ending up in a tiny toy shop down a claustrophobic alley in Venice.

production : Jean-Philippe Renoult
mastering : Jano B @ Parisson

Jean-Philippe Renoult is a sound artist, radio producer, writer and music journalist based in Paris. His work focuses on field recordings and electroacoustical transformation of environmental sounds. Recent commissions and collaborations include I could never make that Music Again, for the Radiodays festival, De Appel gallery, Amsterdam. The album won “Best Artist” prize at the Qwartz Electronic Music awards 2008. He also curated and presented the Voir et Entendre (See and Hear) cycle of conferences at the Pompidou Centre Paris. His audio works have been played on Resonance FM, Kunst Radio, France Culture, ABC Classic, and have been edited on Deep Wireless 2008 edition, Vibrö 2 (the Broken Tale issue), Aphasia, Subrosa labels.

Show 142: Radio Dialysis by Tom Wallace

This programme explores the haemodialysis unit at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London. Treating people with kidney failure the unit treats up to a 100 patients on a weekly basis. Doctors, nurses and technicians discuss the nature of kidney failure and how this life saving treatment is delivered. Patients describe their experiences of coming to the unit three times a week for treatment. This is set against a backdrop of recordings made of the dialysis machines and associated machinery that make the unit function. Produced by Tom Wallace

Click here for a dedicated website.

Show 119: The Tape-beatles on Radia

Music collage from Prague-based duo produced for Radia on behalf of Resonance FM. Selection of works combine voice, loops, and layered sounds.
The Tape-beatles formed in Iowa City, USA in 1987 and have been based in Prague since 2000, when Lloyd Dunn joined John Heck there. Some works in the program were created during the production of the CD and film Good Times, but were not included. ‘Stolen Bicycle’ was created for a uncompleted compilation of works based on DJ Spooky samples. The later portion includes the most recent work, completed June 2007. Go to http://pwp.detritus.net for information on Tape-beatles, discography, and live performed cinema.

Show 107: An experiment in transmitter feedback by Knut Aufermann

During the RadioRevolten festival in 2006 Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann used two local FM transmitters to create feedback music.

RadioRevolten was a month-long festival organised by the new Radia member Radio Corax in Halle (Saale) in Germany. For the duration of the festival Radio Corax was allowed to broadcast on two different frequencies, one frequency carrying much of their ususal programme, and the other being used exclusively for special broadcasts for the festival. Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann used this duplicated setup to create live radio feedback with both available transmitters, thus performing each on a separate frequency. The listeners in Halle were asked to isten to both frequencies at the same time by using two radios. Here you can hear the combined sounds of both transmitters feeding back in a special edit for the Radia network.

Show 096: Long Walk (Abridged) by Claudia Wegener

Claudia Wegener asks passers-by in the city of Johannesburg to read sentences from Nelson Mandela’s biography ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ (the abridged edition!) but translated on the spot into their own mother tongue. With eleven official languages in South Africa alone, the outcome is a poly-lingual collage.
This show for radia was prepared as an ‘in vitro’ experiment for a taxi-choreographic acoustic spectacle, a chorus dance of Joburg’s ‘black taxis’ in Mandela Square (Sandton) and Freedom Square (Kliptown).