Show 107: An experiment in transmitter feedback by Knut Aufermann

During the RadioRevolten festival in 2006 Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann used two local FM transmitters to create feedback music.

RadioRevolten was a month-long festival organised by the new Radia member Radio Corax in Halle (Saale) in Germany. For the duration of the festival Radio Corax was allowed to broadcast on two different frequencies, one frequency carrying much of their ususal programme, and the other being used exclusively for special broadcasts for the festival. Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann used this duplicated setup to create live radio feedback with both available transmitters, thus performing each on a separate frequency. The listeners in Halle were asked to isten to both frequencies at the same time by using two radios. Here you can hear the combined sounds of both transmitters feeding back in a special edit for the Radia network.

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