Show 113: R(H)umeur collective, part 2 / Relax! (we are a democracy)

This program is composed of 2 pieces : R(H)umeur collective, part 2, Maki’s contributive project, and Relax! (we are a democracy) by Floriane Pochon and Etienne Noiseau.

R(H)umeur collective is based on a call for participation which Maki opened to artists and friends around the world, asking 1 minute audio pieces he then mixed all together.

The first part of R(h)umeur collective was broadcast on the Radia network on March 2007. The second one is composed of contributions from :
– Krafia (France) – Choose
– Ben Owen (USA) – Ans-mac 1999e
– Iris Garrelfs (England) – Guide
– David Fenech (France) – Melodica Paste
– Dinahbird (France) – Pigcrescendo
– Lucie Prod’homme (France) – Rouge
– eRikm (France) – Blécut
– Stéphane Possamai (France) – RioTorto
– Pauline Oliveros (USA) – Maki’s Minute
– Étienne Noiseau (France) – Chatouilles
– Andrew Sharpley (England) – Grapefruit
– Samuel Lartisien (France) – Cordida2
– David Gamper (USA) – Silver Bell
– Sarah Washington (England) – New Year Wind
– Mathieu Hours (France) – Waiting in NYC opus 12
– Soël Lymphini (France) – Jeu en Cage, d’escalier
– Tomonari Higaki (Japan) – Impro caoutchouteuse
– Ricardo Reis (Portugal) – Viagem de elevador
– Zol (France) – Stonn
– Collectif TRI (France) – Robots
– Francis Dhomont (France) – L’électro (Jalons – IMED 0365)
– Noël Akchoté (France) – Untitled wrong folk – Take #5
– Maki (France) – Untitled

Relax! (we are a democracy) is a piece by Floriane Pochon and Etienne Noiseau, composed with joy, drowsiness, disgust and worry.


Show 111: Untitled Sit for Your Aetheric Body by Michelle Nagai

Long Distance Sitting Piece

Untitled Sit for Your Aetheric Body by Michelle Nagai.

This work is one in a series of sitting pieces. A collection of (usually live) performance works, these sitting pieces share several common themes, one of which is the presence of the performer and the listener in one “space” together. This broadcast’s subtitle, Untitled Sit, is the generic label for a series of compositions originally devised for live performance in private homes. Each work, created and performed by the composer, is centered around the presence of a still and silent seated figure in close physical proximity to the audience. Variations on the basic form are permitted, and in all cases, a free-form exchange of sensory information is encouraged between performer, viewer and environment. This is an interactive radio broadcast.

Show 110: Kirkegaard/Grzinich workshop

Kirkegaard/Grzinich workshop
Recordings and comments on a workshop

A workshop led by Danish sound artist Jakob Kirkegaard and US Estonian sound artist John Grzinich is documenting the feedback of the event and its revocation.

In February 2007 Jakob Kirkegaard and John Grzinich did a sound workshop in Prague. The recording was later edited by John Grzinich and re played by Milos Vojtechovsky to students of the foreign program on Prague Film Academy FAMU. They commented on what they heard.. and what was still in their memmory on the sound walk with Kirkegaard and Grzinich.

Language: English