Show 117: Two turntables to make one landscape by Pedro Lopes

From all the possible outcomes this is just one of them. Two turntables to make one landscape.

The turntables has a companion history with radio. For a long time, before the advent of clean and sanitized studios and the contact with the physical record was abstracted to bits and bites, the needle jumped on the groove and squided through the spiral of sound. Pedro Lopes paired two of these old tools of work and made them talk to each other. From all the possible outcomes this is just one of them. Two turntables to make one landscape.

Show 116: Bxl: on air by Vincent Matyn

The electronic piece is made in the french acousmatic tradition from archives of the french radio. While the radio broadcasted to the french colonies in East and in the Maghreb, Pierre Schaeffer has founded “Groupe de recherche musicale” in 1949 after he met John Cage. It was originally produced for theatrical issue in 2002 around testimonies of Harkis fighters and ex-french soldiers.
The project was aborted but in the meanwhile there were produced. Four years later, this piece can be heard for themselves.

Show 115: BriefVision by Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

BriefVision is the acoustic output of Lale Rodgarkia-Dara ‘s residency in St.Petersburg, Russia, at the art centre Pushkinskaya 10.

“During my stay I construct one shortfilm every two to three weeks. They are small letters from St.Petersburg and Vienna; a construction and product of rewriting St.Petersburg and the life in Vienna, I miss during the six months residency.”

BriefVision (Brief=letter in German) and PismoVidenie in the German and Russian meaning are the antithesis to TeleVision. Though, a letter itself can be read and is mostly read several times. A letter refers to a different reception of repetition, slowness, and even solitude.

The acoustic track of these small prose-shortfilms is representing the Viennese life. This audiopart is presented in a soundinstallation at the artcentre Pushkinskaya 10 at St.Petersburg.
Whereas the video track, representing the rewritten city of St.Petersburg, is shown at a video-installation in Vienna at the Museumsquartier (0-port).

The full lenght films of BriefVision can only be seen on the virtual bridge between these two European cities, the internet (click on the TV-set on and choose a channel).

Show 114: Lament for the London Olympic Site by Stephen Cornford

A site-specific field recording composition.
In 2012 the Olympics will come to London. The site, situated in north east London between Stratford, Hackney Wick and Pudding Mill Lane, currently a hotchpotch of industrial estates, disused waterways, railway sidings, traveller ‘s homes and allotments will soon be the biggest building site in Europe. In just over five years the entire area will be cleared, it’s map re-drawn ; transformed firstly into state of the art sports facilities, then re-regenerated to provide more homes yet another shopping centre and eventually re-sold to the public. The same public who, through government compulsory purchase order, have just bought the land once and will of course foot all the bills in the meantime. The latest leap in the budget for the whole project will likely cost the arts council 35% of its annual government subsidy.