Show 944: My Complex Me And Brain (for Radio Worm)

A new WORM production by Lieuwe Zelle

made for Worm/Klangendum/Concertzender/RadiaFM, april 2023

Name: Lieuwe Anthonie Zelle
06-03-1956 The Hague

Original a toy salesman working in a toyshop technical toys like model-railroad trains and stuff and plastic
model kits and so on. In that time you had to have a diploma to sell toys or to be a shop-manger.
Besides that I played drums in a´Hard Rock band’. Later-on in life I found that playing music an working in a toyshop was not enough to support my family.
Due to my family history -I am related to Mata Hari whose real name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle (Leeuwarden, 7 augustus 1876 – Vincennes, 15 oktober 1917) sometimes I would be her or even have a relation with her across time and gender.

Mata Hari

But even if the truth is historically justified with facts and documents, the myth is stronger than the truth/facts. In a number of cases the myth changes to divine status, hero stories about the saints of the Roman Catholic Church and even Greek and Roman mythology.
Or even closer stories in the time of which the real facts are difficult to find out, such as a story from the family about Red Devil, an inland shipping flat-bottomed skipper from the early 1800s or so. But also a book that has largely determined our European and Dutch society, the Bible is not good at determining what histories are correct or where it is more a testimony of faith and society from the time of the writers.
Let’s now talk about my great-great-aunt and great-uncle, each of whom has achieved some fame. And with some narcissistic pleasure also myself your undersigned writer to introduce you, because if you don’t imagine yourself, you’re nothing.

Margreet Zelle ls daughter of Adam Zelle was already a free-spirited young lady/girl in her youth, the favorite of her father who, by the way, was not devoid of any kind of exaggeration in who and what he was. A fairly successful businessman and seller of hats and caps from his shop in Leeuwarden. But business failures ensure that dad goes bankrupt and Margreet is referred to looking for a husband, as it were.
Hum yes you can see the rest of the story in the movie Mata Hari The naked spy or read the book about the history of Mata Hari.

As I want to be.
I am Mata Hari eye of the day.
I am light let disappear the darkness yes your light of day woman nor man I am goddess and god at the same time beauty and inspiration I am Mata Hari,
Goddess and God I am man and woman and give you light, light of the world through the world.
As a few in time and eternity I descend and give my light, wisdom, and blinded you with beauty to all who are worthy of my temptation in money and power but I remain light and the darkness behind me and before me.
Paris :
I was posing for a famous artist in Paris frivolously yet virtuous when the Director of the Opera came in and invited me to present myself in a new production as a young virtuous lady as a kind of introduction. Since I still had good hopes of obtaining custody of my daughter back in Holland, I have to decline the offer, a virtuous life is necessary for custody.
Rotterdam 1904
I am now at the Tivoli as there are no rehearsals so I have a moment to discuss a few
things with you my dear second cousin. You are my voice you are my body my survival on stage in front of the audience.
Rotterdam 2019
Dear Aunt, it is a lot that you ask me, but may I be with many my Aunt my Aunt Margreet.
Played or better I danced tonight at Musée Guim for the first time to general amazement
only a few who looked and really saw. Yes my dear be with many my voice my body my name.
Rotterdam 2019.
We are Mata Hari we are the eye we are Margreet Zelle.
Now Listen to my sound and music or what I call a sound-experience.

Rotterdam 10-04-2023
Lieuwe Zelle they/them

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