Show 0913: Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov – Live in Skopje (Kanal103)

The episode consists of an excerpt from the bootleg recording of Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov’s performance at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Skopje from July 2022. This was the second performance of the drone trio outside of their native Bulgaria (the first one was a day earlier at the Macedonian radio Kanal 103). The performance took place on the museum patio, with parts of Skopje and the sun setting behind the mountains. 

It was part of the Amek Collective & Kontingent Records label showcase organized by KRIK – festival of critical culture in Skopje.

Show 0912: And you’ve asked me to think about medicine by Sarah Scaife (Soundart Radio)

And you’ve asked me to think about medicine 

a collective sonic collage by Sarah Scaife

In a sympathetic garden, we made a gentle journey to explore wellbeing and medicine with some honesty. The work is created from original sounds, collected and recorded live in the gardens of Dartington Hall, Devon, UK, by contributors who joined Sarah’s workshop at Sentient Performativities: thinking alongside the human, 2022.

a wonderful collage of voices — including some amazingly vulnerably and moving moments      (particpant)

In the spaces between us and the more-than-human, we found sensations, imaginings and understandings. These conversations are ultimately lyrical and optimistic, but other voices and feelings are heard.

Sarah warmly thanks the participants who generously shared their recordings and trusted her to create this collage. The participants are Eleanor Snare, Gemma Collard-Stokes, Jane Mason, Katrina Brown, Rita Leduc, Sabine Kussmaul, Sam Francis, Scott Thurston.

Sarah Scaife is an artist and doctoral research student in the University of Exeter Department of Communications, Drama and Film. She uses practice-based performance research methods to explore “medicines of uncertainty”. The research is supervised at the University of Exeter and the University of Bristol and supported by the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership, UK.


Image credit: Sarah Scaife using photograph by Katrina Brown 2022
Music: digitally devised by Sarah Scaife remixing ‘Elementary’ by Scott Buckley
Created in partnership with Soundart Radio 102.5FM.

Background and context

More about Sarah’s work on these platforms

Show 911 : RADIO TOUT-LE-TEMPS by BNA-BBOT, for Radio Campus Bruxelles


On February 24, 2022, the Brussels organization BNA-BBOT launched a new sound platform including, in addition to a set of artistic projects carried out on the territory of the city, a Database, a Sound Map and a Radio: Radio tout-le-temps. Radio tout-le-temps is a webradio that broadcast continuously random fragments of BNA-BBOT’s database, but can also be programmed or curated in a more specific way. It is an open platform in which citizens, artists and organisations can participate. Our database contains 26,000 sound fragments. No one has ever listened to the entire collection it houses. To listen to it all, an individual would have to devote 1,458 hours to it, or approximately 61 days and nights, without interruption. radio tout-le-temps offers this sound collection a place for sharing and spontaneous narratives, created from the random linking of isolated stories, which then form a new narrative.

Show 910: Summer flip-flop by Jbi (Radio Grenouille & Euphonia)

Summer flip-flop

A small summer flip-flop makes us hear a fateful moment, that of the twilight of a day of July, around 9pm.
While the cicadas make way for the crickets, as the human activity closes and the urban background calms, 28 minutes of sound rocking where the moment is appreciated, warm but serene of eternity.

Know how to appreciate this moment, whose final blurring can only be conceived in mirror of its flamboyant beginning.
Put a headphone on your ears or let July in Marseille enter your living room or your kitchen.



Petite bascule d’été

Petite bascule d’été nous fait entendre un moment fatidique, celui du crépuscule d’un jour de juillet, vers 21h.
Alors que les cigales font place aux grillons, que l’activité des humains se referme et le fond urbain s’apaise, 28mn de bascule sonore où le moment s’apprécie, alangui de chaleur, mais serein d’éternité.

Sachez apprécier ce moment, dont l’estompement final ne se conçoit qu’en miroir de son début flamboyant.
Posez un casque sur vos oreilles ou bien laisser juillet à Marseille entrer dans votre salon ou votre cuisine.