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show 668 – “Radio Souvenir” by Radio Picnic (Radio Campus Bruxelles)

Radio Souvenir A portrait made with the memory of Aless, Caroline, Vera, Christophe, Victor, Ychaï, Eleonora, Pauline, Franco, Vincent, Jole, Paul, Izabella, Héloïse, Arthur, Electra, Susie, Aline. First episode of a collective memory investigation by Radio Picnic.

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show 667 – « Ex Nihilo (nihil fit) » / Kinda Hassan (Radio Grenouille)

« Ex Nihilo (nihil fit) » – Kinda Hassan Lebanese artist Kinda Hassan deciphers the Marseille kaleidoscope through a sound installation titled “Ex Nihilo (nihil fit), nothing comes from nothing”, where she interrogates the different stories rendered invisible by the … Continue reading

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Show 666: One Thought Fills Immensity by Sarah Washington (Kunstradio)

One Thought Fills Immensity Social Dreaming Climate Change: A psychosocial research pilot study into the contemporary cultural unconscious of climate change A task, an engagement, a celebration, a seriousness, a desire, a call to arms. In October 2017 a gathering … Continue reading

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