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Show 659: why is there something rather than nothing. deadpeoplesrecords (EastsideFM)

…taking a holiday in the universe of matter…  

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Show 659: Method / Anna Zett (

METHOD, by Anna Zett via 88.4 FM Berlin for radia. In this spontaneous audio piece Anna Zett explores the interview as a form of monologue and a form of trialogue. It is centered around the artist’s visit at a … Continue reading

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Show 658: Urluberlu is getting Far/Etranger/Vreemd (XLair)

A collaboration between borders, In a Europe that gets more and more closed from inside, the URLUteam decided to make a 6 hand piece with one motto : Far/Etranger/Vreemd. Exploring the way we look at each other, knowing that it’s … Continue reading

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