Show 370: what you doin’ tapin (radia edit) by Dani Gal & Achim Lengerer

British Artist William Furlong began a project of mapping the territory of contemporary art in a series of cassette editions. The Audio Arts project is a massive archive of intervies wirg artists ranging from Joseph Beuys to Tracey Emin, but also contains documents of world exibitions, symposia, festivals and many original acoustic works by artists. Furlong finds rgar his way of working – using sounds and voice as materials – is a sculptural and creative process. It arose from his intimate association with the recorded voice.
In 2007 artists Achim Lengerer and Dani Gal visited Furlong in his Audio Arts studio and recorded this sound piece as a reference to his body of work.

This Radia show is a special edit of Lengerer and Gal’s piece realized in 2007 for their project VOICEOVERHEAD. “Voiceoverhead” dealt with performative aspects of speech, sound documents and archived spoken language.

Any resemblance with Radia show 228 by radio x is accidental but undeniable.

Show 369: digging radio by orange 94.0


Yet another annoying piece of radio art?

In the beginning there was the paraphrase. Starting from the search for radio art events to be reproduced we ended up looking into landmarks of radio history in connection with art– hopping from its beginnings to the digital turn.

Listen to a simulation of history and how it is digged out of its holes.

Ironic reenactment of GX Jupitter-Larsens performance in a small bin. The small scoop produces the sound of a shovel.

A radia show by Kristina Fromm, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Fiona Steinert

supported by Barbara Kaiser, Karl Schönswetter, Sara Norris, Christine Schörkhuber und Judith Purkarthofer.

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Show 368: voxpop by XL AIR

This XL AIR production consists of a remix radio composition that builds on material used in RITS installations that were created for Bozar Night in November 2011. They both embrace the human voice as a musical instrument.

The first installation was created collectively by the students of the masterclass audio (Tomas Vogels, Simon Vandegracht and Renee Vermeire) and is based on a musical composition  that uses only the vowels of speech.

The other installation is called ‘Vozombrascimento’ and was created by Dieter Van Dam. The Portuguese words ‘voz’ (voice), ‘sombra’ (shadow) and ‘nascimento’ ( birth) form the name of this soundtrack consisting out of manipulated voice traces of a newborn human being.

A cry is the anticipated proof of new life. Not a breath. Not a song. Not a word. A cry. This installation was placed in a big echoing space that suggested a sonic shadow of the primordial human cry by using and manipulating recordings of a child’s s singing in his first year of life.

Show 366: ATC Mix by John Gough

ATC Mix is a compilation of interactions between pilots and air traffic controllers from airports across the globe. The conversations range from controllers directing traffic at Dublin, Rio de Janiero and Barbados Airports to UFO sightings, an air force pilot ejecting from his burning jet and Air Force One taxiing out of a closed Manchester airport.

This show is  about the sounds of the radios used between the planes and the towers as much as the transmitted conversations. The human voices, radio interference and alert tones are used as source material for a series of improvisations using tape and feedback loops, digital effects and synthesis to morph the sounds into rhythmic patters and melodies which morph into an alien soundscape.

This program was inspired by the work of Keith Phelan at and the people who take the time to stream all the traffic over at

This program was created by John Gough at Curious Broadcast.

No souls were injured in the making of this program.